Sunday, 21 September 2014

Paris Part 5: A beautiful sunny Sunday...

Hello lovelies!

I've finally gotten around to writing up my day 5 in Paris, which you can see from the title was absolutely gorgeous!  The weather gave me a perfect excuse to wear my 'holiday hat', a lovely little bargain from H 'n' M (I think it was about £12.99) which made me feel very Carrie Bradshaw as I strutted along the Champs Elysees!  Anyway, we had initially planned to make Sunday a shopping day, but as Paris is still very traditional with regards to religion, all of the big department stores were closed.  So we had a little rethink, and decided to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine instead!

We started our day by heading to Rue Royale, and I couldn't resist treating myself to some gorgeous macaroons from Laduree!  The famous Laduree store is on the Champs Elysee but I expected it to be heaving being a weekend so Rue Royale's shop was the perfect little alternative.  The macaroons are much pricier than those from Parisian supermarkets, but the flavours are so amazing that I definitely think it's worth the splurge (I paid about 16 Euros for six mini ones in a gorgeous presentation box).

From Rue Royale, we wandered down to the Place De La Concorde whilst we decided where to go next. It has the prettiest fountains and is famous for it's Obelisk, so there are plenty of Kodak moments there! It's quite near the Jardin des Tuileries, and also has the most amazing view of the Champs-Elysees, so is definitely worth a visit.

Posing at Place De La Concorde

From Place De La Concorde we wandered to Place Vendome, home of the Ritz and Paris's most famous jewellery square.  As it was Sunday it was really quiet, but I guess it was part of my homage to Gabrielle Chanel that I wanted to visit.  I mentioned in an earlier post that Chanel lived in the Ritz in an apartment suite overlooking Rue Cambon where she worked.  I also wanted to see the famous Tiffany's store too.  A girl can dream...

 Place Vendome's Louis Vuitton window minus the bags...

The Ritz (still being refurbished!!) in the corner of Place Vendome

Next on our Sunday list was a very special visit to Love Lock Bridge.  We'd already visited the bridge during our holiday but I'd stupidly forgotten to bring our lock so today was the day we'd finally choose our spot!  Love Lock Bridge is really overwhelming when you actually see it...there are sooo many locks and it's so lovely to spend time reading the messages.  Some of the panels on the bridge are boarded up now due to the weight of the locks causing them to sag!!!  We chose a panel for ours that was easy to remember so that if we ever go back we can look for it!  Traditionally, once the lock is attached to the bridge you are supposed to throw your keys into the River Seine as a symbol of unbreakable love, but I think the idea of us being the only two people in the world that could open ours (unless someone comes along with a hacksaw!) is much more romantic, so I decided to keep mine and put it on a chain as a souvenir (my Mister's is in his wallet!).  We bought a lock before our holiday, but if you find yourself in Paris without one, there are many street sellers along the Seine who will sell you one for a decent price (about 3 or 4 Euros)!

After all of that walking, we decided to head back into the Jardins Des Tuileries to find a nice spot in the sun and munch on our macaroons (they were like a party for the mouth!).  My favourite flavours were raspberry and pistachio, and since arriving back on English soil I've been craving more of the little beauties!  I'm definitely visiting Laduree the next time I'm in London!!

After basking in the sun, we headed up to shop along the Champs Elysees.  However, it was so busy and we'd already walked so far that shop we did not!!  But I didn't want to miss the opportunity to photograph the famous Louis Vuitton store and of course the Laduree tea rooms!

From the Champs Elysees, we headed to a sunny spot for a hotdog and an ice-cream (yum!) then we made our way back to the hotel.  After another day of heavy walking (and a little sunburn!), I fell asleep at the hotel for a couple of hours whilst my Mister watched the football (some things never change!), so by the time we got ready to go out for tea on the evening I felt a little dazed from my 40 winks!! Nevertheless, we wandered back along the Champs Elysees to find a nice restaurant, but ended up a couple of streets behind it before we chose our spot, not far again from the Arc de Triomphe.  I can't remember the name of the restaurant (again! I'm such a bad blogger!!) but it was my favourite meal of the holiday! The waiter really looked after us and was so lovely, and the service was amazing.  I got salmon, with creamy mashed-potato (the best I've ever had!!) whilst my Mister opted for duck.  I finished off with Creme-Brulee, and we shared a decanter of Bordeaux wine.

After the meal, our waiter brought us a complementary shot each of a spirit called something like vert-prune or plum vert (apologies I was a bit merry at this point!) which is a Swiss digestif and it absolutely blew my head after thanking the waiter and exchanging hugs (I told you we were merry!), we floated back to our little hotel room for a good night's sleep ready for a fabulous day of shopping ahead. 

Ahhh...j'adore Paris!




  1. I've been looking forward to this post!! Love your hat Miss Bradshaw!! ;) I'm also loving your blue handbag, where did you get it from (if you don't mind me asking)? Those macaroons...mmm! Pistachio will always be my favourite! Can't wait for the next sad it's the last one!!

    Lou xx

    1. Aww thanks lovely, I'm glad someone's still reading them haha! I think I've been chattering away about Paris forever! My blue handbag I got from a shop called 'Chic and Unique' in Sunderland but you can pick it up at one of those bag stores that mimic designer bags (I think there's one in Eldon Square and the MetroCentre!) I paid about £20 for it, it's a Mulberry copy, but the Mulberry effect part zips off as a clutch so I removed it ha (two bags in one!!). Yeah I'm sad too, I've loved writing up my holiday adventures :)

      K xx

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE your hat, it looks so lovely on you :)

    I don't think I went to the Love Lock Bridge when I went to Paris (perfect excuse to go back eh?) .. I really like the idea of keeping your keys!

    I've never been to Laduree either (I know, I know poor poor me!) I'm actually thinking I might go to the one in Covent Garden when I go to London at the end of the year, although I don't think it'll be quite the same as Paris.


    1. Aww thank you lovely! Any excuse to go back is a good one!! :) I'm sure the Laduree will be just the same :) you definitely have to try it! Xx

  3. Lovely post Kayleigh! Really enjoying your Paris posts, great photos too :) x

    1. Aww thanks lovely :) I've been really enjoying writing them! I just want to go back now ha! Xx


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