Monday, 22 September 2014

My Little Box: Parisienne Edition

Hello lovelies,

I'm taking a little break from my Paris posts (I've one left to do and a possible haul too!) to blog about something well...Parisian funnily enough ha!  Since visiting Paris, I thought I'd have gotten it out of my system, but it seems the holiday just whetted my appetite for all things French!  So imagine my excitement when I found out from my lovely blogging pal Lisa that 'My Little Box' was coming to the UK!  For those of you that haven't heard of it, 'My Little Box' is a monthly subscription box which was born in Paris and is now so successful that the makers are sending it out to the UK, and this month's is the first ever UK edition!  'My Little Paris' was where it all started. Its creator Fany would email fifty of her friends regular updates of her favourite addresses and her take on the on-trend things to do in Paris. This steadily grew into a website, a community and then a monthly subscription box with gifts, goodies and surprises.  After joining 'My Little Paris' online and reading all about 'My Little Box', I knew after recently falling out of love with Birchbox, that this subscription would definitely be the one for me.

The boxes have a different theme each month and all of the goodies inside are relative to that theme. This month's was none other than 'My Little Parisienne Box' which literally made me dance around my bedroom when I opened it! Thanks Mr Postie!

So, this was the first thing to greet me when I opened the box...'Paris is always a good idea' said by none other than my heroine Audrey Hepburn...I knew this was a match made in's like they'd packed it especially with me in mind.  Then for the amazing part...

First look inside...
...ta-dah! I couldn't believe how much stuff there was!

Inside, as you can see from my photo, there was a lovely Paris postcard, stickers, a beautiful notebook with a little bit inside about the company (I love Stationery! What girl doesn't?), a beauty goodie bag and a little sleeve for a laptop (I don't have a laptop but this is a perfect excuse to buy one, right...?).  The beauty bag was amazing too...

...with Laura Mercier Primer (30ml), Nuxe body oil and a Stylo Lumiere pen (basically a highlighter with bristles).  The highlighter is from 'My Little Beauty' the company's unique brand of beauty extras and there'll be one of these extras in the box every month! Eek!! 

The laptop bag, apologies for the poor lighting, I took these in a bit of a rush!!

So to the verdict...I am totally in love with 'My Little Box' already, and can't wait to see what the theme is next month!  I'd definitely recommend it for those who might not be getting what they want from a beauty box subscription.  I like beauty, but I was feeling a little overrun with samples, so I like that with this subscription there's still a little beauty but more variety too.  It's great value for money, I got all of this for £14.95 which I think is something like £11 and £3.95 postage, pretty good considering it's shipped from Paris too (and the boxes are quite a size!).

So thank you to the 'My Little Box' makers...roll on next month!


PS-you can order 'My Little Box' here or check out 'My Little Paris' here!
Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Yay! This looks so cute! I dont often buy beauty boxes as i usually wouldn't use 90% of the contents but i love Laura Mercier primer & i love Nuxe so this looks fab! Xx

    1. I'm so happy with it! I'm glad it has a bit of everything as I find myself getting a bit bored with just beauty! Such a good buy :) xx

  2. OMG how cute is the My Little Paris website?! I had a little look but I daren't start reading now cos I'll probably end up sitting here all night and then I'll just end up whinging on to Simon again about wanting to go to Paris :p

    I've never really fancied any of the subscription boxes but this one is so lovely! Everything looks really useable, even the box it comes in! x

    1. Aww I know! Everytime I look I think about my holiday :/. Treat yourself to the box instead of the Paris trip, it's a much cheaper alternative and you deserve it haha ;) xx

  3. Oh my this is so cute! love the illustrations. Great post :)


  4. I'm thinking of canceling my BB subscription for this! it looks SO pretty, really like the stuff you got in it xxx

    1. Yeah that's what I did too Emma, I love the variety :) and it's so cute that every month has a different theme :) xxx

  5. Wow, I'm not really into subscription boxes but this looks so lovely! And you get so much lovely stuff, it's normally kind of hit and miss? Thanks for the heads up about the My Little Box :)

    Lagerfeld Love

  6. Ooh this must be my favourite subscription box to date, it is seriously tempting!
    I have seen lots of disappointed reviews for the likes of glossy box and birch box, but I love the mix of products in My Little Box.

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done


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