Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Hey, how're you doin'?
The Black Door Girls doing hair

Lovely Tamzin doing makeup

Holmeside Coffees!


Serendipity cupcakes

Rachel and Abby getting pin-up hair!

Hannah and Rachel looking gorgeous with their vintage styles!

I've finally gotten round to writing up this post (so annoyed though because I had loads more photos but they seem to have disappeared!!!) A few weeks ago, I hosted my first ever blog event with my friend Angela who owns Scout Vintage.  If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I talk a lot about Scout Vintage, but if you're a newbie (hi!) you can check out one of my posts here.  Ever since Angela opened Scout almost a year ago, I've done a lot of my clothes shopping there and Angela has become one of my very good friends.  We decided one rainy Saturday that it might be a good idea to put a blog event together, for some extra publicity for Scout, and because once you're a blogger that attends a lot of other blogger's events, it only seems fair to organise one of your own! Okay, I know I haven't been to that many blog events, but at least now the pressure is off!

Putting an event together can seem really stressful, but luckily Angela and I had each other!  The idea we had for was vintage dress-up because we really wanted to host an event where people could mingle and chat, but where they could also get pampered too.  So it only seemed right to try and involve some hairdressers and a makeup artist.  Thankfully the lovely girls at Black Door Hairdressing were really up for the event, and provided free hairstyling and vintage pinups for the evening.  They even got the super talented Tamzin Cummings to come along and do makeup too.  All of the girls were so lovely and I'd really recommend them if you are looking for somewhere to get your hair done in Sunderland!   You can find them here, and the beautiful Tamzin here!

Obviously no blog event would be complete without food and drink! Angela and I sorted out some popcorn and some bubbles for the guests (and Angela has to take full credit for the gorgeous strawberries and cream!) but we needed something else! Thankfully our other lovely friend June from Serendipity (read about them on my blog here!) provided the most amazingly beautiful and tasty cupcakes for the evening and Dan from Holmeside coffee brought along some yummy iced lattes and span us some tunes to accompany the evening which added to the vintage feel we were going for!

I think I initially invited about 30 people to come along to the event, but on the evening about 20 lovely bloggers turned up to be preened and pampered.  It was so lovely to host and chat to everyone and it seemed like everyone had such a good time.  I also got to chat to some bloggers I hadn't met before, and will definitely look forward to catching up with them at other events in the future.  Everyone who had their hair and makeup done looked amazing; it's a shame we all weren't heading out to party afterwards!

The parting gift for each blogger was a little goodie bag to take away at the end of the evening, and I have to say out of the whole evening it was the goodie bag that was most stressful part of the event to organise! To anyone that has managed to give away amazing goodie bags at their events, I honestly take my hat off to you, because from my experience, no one wants to give you anything for free!  Thankfully the lovely people at Lush Sunderland gave us some delicious smelling full size yellow Fun Bars for the goodies bags for each guest, Angela donated a few things from the shop and my Mam made us some cute little rings to put in too.

I also want to thank Jane from the Sunderland Echo for coming along and reporting about the event and to the lovely ladies from Northern Edge Mag.  Thanks also to all of the lovely bloggers who took time out of their lives to come to the event, and then to also write up some lovely posts about it, I've enjoyed reading them all!  And the biggest thanks goes to all of the kind local businesses that offered us their services for free and made the night such a success, we couldn't have done it without you.

I've included links to all of the businesses involved within this article, but thought I would also link all of the lovely blogposts that have been written about it too, so if you get a chance give the lovely ladies some blog love here:

Emily Parker, Hannah Hepton, Nicola Crossman, Rachel Lindstedt, Danielle Rebecca, Sophie Irvine, Chloe Dawson, Beca Alderson, Lauren Dewar, Kloe Wallace, Shannon Hodge

And not forgetting the other lovely bloggers that attended: Lisa Spoors, Amiee Goodall and Sarah Irving.

So...who's hosting the next one? 




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