Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Bradley Gardens-a cake date!

Hello lovelies,

Now it's fair to say that most of us bloggers love cake.  We also like the sunshine and days out.  So a few weeks ago, two of my blogging buddies (Lisa and Chloe) and I, decided to combine all three and take a little trip up to Bradley Gardens in Wylam.  Living near Durham, Wylam is a bit further afield than I would normally travel for a day out (in fact I'm not sure I'd even heard of it before this cake date; it's a lovely place!) but thankfully Lisa offered to do the driving from Newcastle, because if I'd have done it we'd have probably ended up in Wimbledon not Wylam!  Bradley Gardens itself is so pretty.  Along the little country road up to it, you pass some lovely pretty lakes before being greeted with a cosy little carpark, and hundreds of pretty flowers.  A little meander through a lovely little garden shop takes you along winding paths into what feels like scene from a Secret Garden, with flowered arch ways all framed with the most colourful blooms.  Imagine then, the most beautiful conservatory-type building (actually a Victorian glasshouse built in the more here)  housing the nursery and tearooms which could mean only one thing...cake was nearby!!

I ordered the biggest slab of Walnut cake that I could muster, and a pot of decaf tea (which I think came to around £5), then the three of us, cake and tea in hand, headed outside to find a lovely spot to sit and eat cake in the sun (well cloud, but it was very warm!).

After scoffing our cake and putting the world to rights, we had a little nose around the beautiful interior shop, which sells the most amazing house stuff I have ever's even set out like a show home, in fact I could've happily moved in!  Then I set to work to take as many photographs on my iPhone as I could  Flowers are my favourite thing in the world to photograph close-up so I hope you enjoy them, and I hope they give you a better idea of what Bradley Gardens has to offer (besides amazing cake!).

Thanks Chloe and Lisa for the company! 

Have you been to Bradley Gardens?



  1. Oooh yes I have been to Bradley Gardens actually :p

    I really want cake now!!!!!

    As soon as I purchase a car I'm going back here for lunch :D and as soon as I buy a house I'm going back here to furnish it!

    1. Ha you might need a lottery win then, for the furniture not for lunch ha xxx

  2. Shhh don't tell everyona about this place, I've been telling people it's my new house ;-P xx

    1. Ha maybe I should change the name to 'Lisa's Garden' ;) xxx


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