Friday, 29 August 2014

Bonjour Parieeeee! Day one...

Hello lovelies!

How have you all been?

This post is going to be the start of a series all about my visit to Paris.  I've been so excited to get all of my photographs together and organised so I could share my trip with you!  I did initially plan on doing just a couple of posts, but as I took sooooo many photos I'm going to upload a little day by day Paris journal so that I can share it all!  My Mister and I took our trip to Paris as a holiday rather than a short city break, so we crammed a whole load of stuff into six days.  We shied away from public transport, and worked out we walked around one hundred miles in total over the course of the week!!  So without further ado, here is part one of our Parisian adventure!

Our flight from Newcastle to Paris was an early one, so we were on Paris time at around 9.25 am.  For those of you that have visited Paris and flown to Charles De Gaulle before you'll know two things, that CDG is enormous (I mean it should have it's own currency its so big!!) and second, that it's quite a trek away from the centre of Paris.  So, we booked a ticket onto an Air France bus to the Champs Elysee...and my first encounter of Paris when we finally got dropped off was this...

The Arc de Triomphe...breathtaking!

And that was the beginning of my Paris love affair.  Our hotel, 'The Quality Hotel Malasherbes' was about a half hour's walk from the Arc and along the route I was completely in awe of everything!!  The buildings in Paris are so beautiful; it has the most amazing architecture and the patisseries and little cafes just add to that authentic French feel.  We were too early to check in, so after leaving our cases we wandered back up to the Arc for a McDonalds (I know classy right, but you can't beat an McD's abroad!) and to explore.

This was a 5 star hotel along the pretty does the window look?

At check-in time, we were totally exhausted so headed back to the hotel for a power nap! 

The bed was un-believable!
Our hotel room was on the 6th floor and the view opposite of the St Augustin church was stunning.  Paris is one of those places where there's something amazing to look at on every corner, no matter where you go.

Waking up to this every morning against a backdrop of blue sky made it even more difficult to come home!

Our day two in Paris was set to be a busy one, with a boat trip along the Seine booked for the morning and a trip up the Eiffel Tower on the night.  With this is mind, we decided to take the end of our first day to explore some more so we'd know exactly where to go on the second.  The weather was absolutely glorious and so much better then we'd expected, so it was lovely to walk along the Seine with the sun beaming down and the warm summer breeze blowing past us!  When we got to the Eiffel Tower it was sheer madness, there were people absolutely everywhere!!  But the first time you see it, the feeling you get is absolutely amazing.  I have to confess, I don't think it's anywhere near the most beautiful building in Paris but I love that wherever you are you can see it and that it always seems to pop up out of nowhere!  I couldn't resist getting my photo taken in front of it, it was such an exciting way to start our holiday!

We look so tired here...but the Eiffel selfie just has to be done!
Because we were so tired, we decided to have a picnic in our hotel room that evening rather than go for a meal.  We found an M&S Food just along the road from our hotel (typically British!) and really stocked up!!

Then with full tummies we decided to call it a night, ready for our holiday to really start the following day!  And boy was it an adventure!

See you soon for day two mon amies!
A bientot!



  1. LOVED it! looks like you had the best time, and your photos are lovely! I'll look forward to the rest, I'm glad you've decided to do a journal of them thats a really cool idea. Made me want to go back so bad! I loved the picture of you in bed haha! xxx

    1. Aww thank you lovely! This is probably the day with the least photos so lots more to come!! Haha I'd just woken up from my power nap so thought it should be in there ;) I want to go back and I've only just come home hehe! Xxx

  2. I was going to suggest a cake date to hear all about your adventures in Paris but I won't need to now :p

    McDonalds AND M&S - ha ha ha!!! I went to the McDonalds in Rome because it had a roof terrace and it was such a novelty. Brits abroad eh?!

    So glad you had such gorgeous weather, those skies look amazing!


    1. I never say no to cake dates lovely...just say when ;) xxx


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