Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Au revoir! I'm off to Parieeeee!

Hello lovelies!

If you are reading this now, then guess what? I'm in Paris!  I've scheduled this post and one other for you to read whilst I'm you don't miss me too much!

I know I've probably mentioned it 3647586967008098 times on my blog and on Twitter and Facebook, and most other methods of communication, but I'm just so excited!  I always worry about mentioning holidays over social media, because I'd hate for anyone to think I was bragging, but honestly I'm really not!  You see, Paris has been my dream holiday destination ever since I was a little girl!  I remember being about ten years old, when my lovely Mam visited Paris for a weekend with my Aunt.  I was too little then to be jealous, but all I kept thinking was that she was going to the place that had Disneyland and how gutted I was that I had to stay with my Dad (I must admit the Minnie Mouse t-shirt she brought back for me really softened the blow!)  She didn't even visit Disneyland as it goes, but I was ten, I thought that was why everyone went to Paris.  But Paris changed my Mam, she still talks about it now, and it was only a two day mini break.  It got under her skin in the best possible way, and I know before I even get there that it will get under mine and stay in my heart forever.

My house is full of scenes from the city of lights.  I have a piece of artwork from Next in my dining room which features the Eiffel tower, along with many other things.  All of this from a city I've never been to (except at the cinema or in front of a DVD).  And don't even get me started on Chanel...!

So I've wished I was Carrie Bradshaw looking from her balcony at the Eiffel Tower, I've strolled along the streets with Anne Hathaway in the Devil Wears Prada, and I've danced around with Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, and as you're reading this, all being well, I'll be there! Oui, c'est super!

Thursday lunch time I'm taking a River Cruise down the Seine, and on the evening I'm going up the Eiffel Tower.  I'm definitely going to the top of the Sacre Cour.  I'm going to eat macaroons and find the Grand Palais.  I'm going to put our names on a lock and hang it from Love Lock Bridge.  And I'm going to visit Louis Vuitton and the mothership...31 Rue Cambon, home of Gabrielle Chanel.

And I can't wait to share it all with you!

Au revoir my lovelies, I'll see you in a week!

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  1. Ahhh I love this post, can't wait to hear all about your Parisian adventure! Hope you have an amazing time. x

  2. I'm just so so excited for you :D Can't wait to hear all about it on your return xx

  3. Ahhh Have fun in Paris! And eat loads of delicious desserts!!! xx


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