Monday, 21 July 2014

I'm back to Blogging-starting with a little Lush review...


How have you all been? I've really missed writing my blog, and have so many posts to catch up on, but thought I'd start with a Lush review I wrote a while ago but haven't had chance to post!  So here goes...

May Day Badger...

The lovely people at Lush launched this product in May in order to help raise money towards preventing the unnecessary badger cull (you can read more about the badger cull here).  I'm a real animal lover so I always like to give money to these sorts of charities when I can, and what better way when you receive a cute bath bomb in return!  As you can see, the bomb has a badger's face on it-so sweeeeet!  And it made the water silky smooth to boot! I love a bath bomb that makes your legs feel slinky soft!  And an added bonus? A little message was floating in my bath...

I like to think I played my part!  I am quite late to review this product so unfortunately it's no longer available, but I loved it-10/10 to Lush.

Granny Takes A Dip...
Granny Takes a Dip...broken up

I have to confess I chose this bomb as I was totally seduced by the psychedelic colours (maybe I was a hippy in a past life!).  It's a little pricier than some of the bombs on offer at £3.25 (quite a lot for one bath's worth) so I broke mine up into three and even though I did it was still super effective!  You could definitely smell the lemon and ginger ingredients in this one-and the colours made the bath look amazing.  My final bath out of the three was a gorgeous purple colour, I wish I could have bottled it up to keep forever!  I would definitely recommend this one lovelies and I'll definitely be buying it again!  You can buy GTAD here!

Have you bought anything at Lush recently?


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  1. I have to confess I never really used any Lush products until we got the goodies at the Blogger tea party & then at your fab Scout event, but I think I may be hooked! They smell so amazing xx

    1. I absolutely love Lush, the bath products are my favourite but I loved the face mask we got at the Blogger tea party too. There's so much choice now too! xx


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