Thursday, 15 May 2014

Saturday Part 2: Girlie night out for Mama L's birthday :)


So I thought I best write up Saturday night before the weekend is upon us again (whooop!) and as you've probably guessed by the title, this weekend was my lovely Mam's birthday.  We decided to make a night of it, and booked a table at Angelo's in Sunniside, Sunderland to celebrate.  The weather was horrific, but luckily we were straight out of the car and straight into the restaurant!

The birthday girl!
L-R: Mama L, Sally, Debbie, June

I thought I'd never been to Angelo's before, but as soon as I saw the decor I remembered that I'd once been there for tea with a friend.  The interior design there is absolutely beautiful even though it's quite unusual and quirky.  We'd booked a table for 8pm, but as the restaurant was busy, we didn't get to our table until 830, so we took the opportunity to have a quick drink at the bar and take a few snaps!  I'm not really a big drinker, but I tried Pear Kopperberg for the first time ever and it was delicious!

Once we'd sat down and ordered, it was really good to have a giggle and a catch up! We ordered our starters and they arrived pretty swiftly thankfully, as I was absolutely starving! I got a lovely tomato soup...

It was delicious! Unfortunately, we then waited well over an hour for our main courses to arrive which was a shame, as apart from the short delay at the beginning of the night the rest had been great.  I ordered pasta in tomato and cream sauce with pesto and fillet steak, which was definitely worth the wait (and it was a looong wait!)...

But my Mam's Seafood dish wasn't so appetising, she said it was yummy, but her last prawn was green!!! The manager told us there was no way that the food could possibly be off as it is bought in fresh every day, and offered us a round of Limoncello with compliments by way of an apology.  To be honest, I thought his comments were a little bit unacceptable, and even though they brought my Mam a lovely piece of birthday cake, they didn't take anything off the bill to compensate for her green prawn (urgh!) or the mammoth amount of time we'd had to wait (we didn't leave the restaurant until 11pm!).  But they say the company you are with can really make an evening, and this certainly was the case on Saturday, we giggled all night long!

I really enjoyed my meal, and actually, rancid prawn aside, I would recommend it.  The waiting staff are really nice and my food was delicious. I'd maybe suggest going on a quieter night though as I honestly don't think that they were quite as prepared for a busy evening as they should have been and I can see why it would put some people off visiting again.

After the meal, we popped next door to Bar:Justice and rounded the evening off in true Sex and the City style with a round of cocktails before heading home.

 All in all we had a great evening, and hopefully it'll be one to remember for my lovely Mama L in years to come!  If you haven't been to Bar:Justice before (also on Sunniside) I'd really recommend it! It's such a chilled out place and the cocktails are delicious! And you can also check out Angelo's here.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!




  1. I love your family pictures, you look all so happy! Thanks for sharing :-)
    xoxo Leona

    1. Aw thank you Leona, we had such a fun evening :)

      Kay xx


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