Monday, 12 May 2014

Saturday Part 1: Blogger's Teaspoon Event #bloggersteaspoon

Hello lovely people!

Saturday was such an amazing, eventful day for me that I've decided to split my post into two parts...check me out with my great social life ;).  So in true chronological fashion, I'm going to start with Saturday afternoon as I attended my first ever blogging event.  I've been invited to a couple of things before, but I've always had to pull out due to work commitments...or the fact that I'm a big coward and too scared to go on my own!!!  Well this time it was different, and I'm so glad I went along because I had a blast!

The event was called Blogger's Teaspoon, and it was arranged by the lovely Rachel and Becca in aid of Lupus UK.  I heard about it from Chloe, whose blog I absolutely love and always look forward to reading.  Not only did she give me all of the info, she also agreed to meet up with me before the event so I wouldn't be a billy no mates  which was such a relief as I'd probably have chickened out if I'd had to go alone (I plan to one day repay her kindness with cake!)!  Chloe and I also met up with Lisa, who's blog I hadn't read before, although it's great and very funny (I had a real life laugh out loud moment reading it on the Metro!), definitely one for the reading list!  The three of us then made our way to the event which was at Salsa on Westgate Road in Newcastle (check it out here!).  We were greeted by Rachel with warm hugs and a promise of lots of cake, so we knew we were off to a great start!

We were tucked away in the pretty little function room upstairs, where there were already lots of lovely bloggers for us to meet.  We sat on a corner table, and were joined by Helen from Hay's Travel (who also sponsored the event) who was really intrigued by all things blogging related as she doesn't write one of her own.  And we were intrigued by tales of her Mam's button collection (apparently her Mam has the biggest button collection in the world and is an expert in all things button related!), especially the lovely Emma, who was ready to write a Button blog by the time she left!  I also got to chat to Claire, who kindly gave me her candle from her goodie bag (thanks Claire its gorgeous!) and I also spoke to Rachel and Melissa briefly.  It was so lovely to meet people with so many different interests and reasons for blogging, and I really enjoyed my afternoon, I'm so glad I went and I'll definitely make sure I go to others!

Credit to Rachel and Becca, the room was so pretty with its bunting and it's pretty little china teacups.  And our goodie bags were absolutely amazing...I loved my Clean Cotton pretty <3.  And I've got to say the fairy cakes were out of this world!!

 Lovely Rachel and Becca drawing the raffle!

 Our amazing goodie bags!

There were so many bloggers I didn't get to chat to, but I had such a lovely day, and loved our little table.  Big thanks to Rachel and Becca, and of course to Chloe for helping me to be brave enough to go...can't wait until the next one!

PS-I know I said I would blog my OOTD for the event, but I just ended up wearing my tartan dress again as it was so rainy...but I did wear my Harrie Hattie bow earlier in the week as a brooch!...

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  1. I'm so so glad you came :) it was a great afternoon!

    Chloe x

    1. I am too :) can't wait until the next one (and our little cakey meet up) :)


  2. ah loved your write up! it was a great day... liked the bit about the buttons haha! xxx

    1. Aww thanks Emma :) it was so lovely to meet you! Hope we can catch up again at another one :) xxx

    2. I hope so too! :) are you going to the jewelry event tomorrow? xx

    3. :( I can't make it because I'm at work, I'm so gutted though, it sounds really good!! I think I'm going to go to the event in Middlesbrough in June though, going to email now about it, you should come to that one! :) xx

  3. Thank you for such a lovely write up, I am so glad you came

  4. You're welcome Rachel, I loved it it was great, well done you :) xxx


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