Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Dubai or not to buy? Chanel's Cruise Collection 2014

When I first brought 'I dream of Coco...' to life, it was a way to express my love of all things fashion, and high-end fashion in particular.  But alas as I am not a millionaire, hence the 'dream' part of the title, my blog has somewhat taken more of a lifestyle direction as I try to live my life in true Carrie Bradshaw fashion (think shoes not sex!) on a budget, and always want to share these experiences with you.  However, I am always particularly excited to put together a fashion post, so here is my latest one, ta-dah...I hope you enjoy it!

I had to of course talk about the latest Chanel show in Dubai (I realise I'm a little late in doing so!) because as always it was amazing!  Every Chanel presentation I have ever watched has always left me gobsmacked, and the latest one was no exception.  If you haven't seen the video, please watch it here! I won't chat about it too much, but I'll mention my top 5 looks from the show.

 Look 82

I'm not a huge fan of the trousers, but I love the idea and the detailing of the Dubai skyline across the bottom of the top.  This Look was eye-catching on the catwalk, simply beautiful!

Look 2

I loved the jacket from this Look, traditionally Chanel with a modern twist.  I also love the makeup, great for the runway!

Look 18

First off...I really don't understand the pants, but I love the twinset! Such intricate detailing, so delicate and pretty, definitely more 'ready-to-wear' than some of the other looks.

Look 30

Again, it's the jacket that drew me in here, I'm a sucker for a beautifully cut jacket, and I absolutely adore the colours.  I'm also a huge fan of all of the hair and make-up from the show...the hair accessories are unusual but really stand out.  The whole show felt to me like it had a whole 70s type theme running through it, and it really worked.

 Look 70

This look I chose purely because of the fine jewellery, the pin is stunning! Not so sure about the light up shoes...LA Gear anyone?

I could go on...there were many other pieces that really stood out to me from this show, and I always love the accessories...remember how much I raved about the perfume bottle clutch? (I've since bagged a pretty convincing replica, seeing as I haven't got a small fortune to spare for a real one!) However, I don't think I'll be hunting down one of these in a hurry...

Karl is a visionary...but for me this might be one step too far!

What did you think of the show? Which were your favourite Looks?


(Images are not my own, all images taken from apart from the last, which was from MTV)



  1. was nice seeing you last night hun, love this blog post, Ive just watched it, amazing! .. I also loved the white outfit (look 18) xxx

    1. Lovely to see you too hun, hope we can catch up again soon! Such a fun night! I love Chanel shows, glad you enjoyed it :) xxx


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