Saturday, 24 May 2014


I was invited to a really fun blogging event on Thursday called '#Canthelpmyselfie' at French Connection in Newcastle.  The purpose of the event was to raise the profile of FCUK through the use of social media and the 'Selfie' trend.  I'm not a big selfie taker, so I'm not going to lie, I decided to get some practice in before I went! Here were my best attempts (ignore my hideous bathroom tiles!):

So, on the promise of a goodie bag and with my selfie-taking as good as I could get it, I hopped on the metro and headed to French Connection to meet up with my blogging buddy the lovely Lisa and her fab friend Fiona (Fee for short).  On arriving, we were told that we could pick anything we wanted from the store to wear for our Selfie shoot, then we could make our way up to hair and makeup to be preened ready for the camera.  Lots of the girls at the event had gone for full outfits for the shoot, but I just wanted a real statement piece that would look good on the camera.  In the end I chose this jacket:

French Connection (obvs!) £150
I teamed it with a pair of skinny fit jeans from the store, and wore my own top.  I absolutely love this jacket, so if anyone has a spare £150 tucked away and would like to buy it for me in a size 8 I'd really appreciate it ;) ha! 

Next we headed upstairs to a pop up hair and beauty salon provided by Regis and Benefit.  Whilst waiting, I managed to catch up with the lovely Emma, who introduced me to Amy, who was equally as lovely (the best thing about blogging is the people that you meet along the way!).  Lisa, Emma and Amy all had their hair styled into loose waves, whilst Fee went for a few curls in the front of her hair.  I went for big and curly and absolutely loved how it looked.  I also loved my makeup! I've never had my makeup done properly before so it felt like a really special treat, I've even booked to go back in June to get it done again!

Lisa, Emma, Amy and Fee getting pampered!

 A few snaps from the event and my finished hair and makeup.

Then it was Selfie time!  I was given a phone and sent into a booth where I had to take 5 photos and then choose my best three.  The photos are then displayed in the window of French Connection, and the person with the most votes wins a shopping spree.  I don't expect to win, but if you're feeling really kind and would like to vote for me, you can do so here! (thanks in advance!)  Here are my #canthelpmyselfie's:

Alternatively, if you'd like to vote for silly selfies, you might want to pick one of these:

You can vote for all three of us here! I particularly love the one with my eyes closed!!! Could only happen to me!

We ended the night with a delicious cupcake from Pet Lamb Patisserie and a viewing of our silly selfie's up on the French Connection window.  They're going to be there for a few days yet, so if you're passing, you can also vote for us by pressing the hand under our photograph!

Oooh and I almost forgot, we also got an amazing goodie bag!

Thanks to French Connection for such a fab event, and to Benefit and Regis for their styling!
Don't forget to vote for us here!


PS..I edited my photos with PicMonkey


  1. Im even more gutted I couldn't go now, it all looks so amazing :(

    1. :( wish you could've been there Chloe it was so much fun! Never mind not long to the next event :) hope you're having a fun time away! Xx

  2. Haha love this! It was such fun. Still gutted we didn't get to keep the clothes though :( xx

    1. Me too :( haha! Such a good night though! I've been to Newcastle today and saw us in the window ha stars for the day! Xx

  3. Ah I loved the night! cant wait for our next catch up :) xxx

    1. Me too :) it was so much fun and always so lovely to see you :) xxx

  4. This looks like a great event and I love that jacket. I haven't been in French connection in Newcastle in ages. X

    1. I loved it too, I wanted to keep it but think I'll be waiting for the sales! They've got some lovely stuff in at the moment xx


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