Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Bank holiday Monday in pictures...

Helloooo there!  Just a quick post today, to show you all what I got up to with my Bank Holiday Monday...what did you do with yours?

Newcastle Does Vintage
We started our day by heading up to Newcastle, to the 'Newcastle Does Vintage' event at the Theatre Royal.  I love a good rummage around a vintage fair, but I didn't manage to hunt any bargains this time, although there were three floors worth of stalls!  I did get to see my lovely friend Angela from Scout Vintage whose stall was definitely the most reasonably priced of the whole fair.  If you haven't checked her shop out yet in Sunderland then I'd really recommend it (as followers of this blog will know only too well!).  My mister was like a rabbit in headlights at the fair, and bless him it was so busy he didn't even know where to stand whilst I rummaged as there were so many people there!  So we made a swift exit so he could browse the shops.

Lush haul and French Connection #Selfie tee (£20 here)
I headed back to French Connection, as I couldn't stop thinking about how much the #Selfie tshirt I saw at the #Canthelpmyselfie event would go with my leather skirt, so decided to make a cheeky little purchase as I've never really bought anything in ages with saving towards Paris.  My mister also treated to me to a mini lush haul where I got an 'Amandopondo' bubble bar, and 'May Day' and 'Granny Takes A Dip' bath bombs.  I haven't tried the bombs before, but I love 'Amandopondo', it smells gorgeous!  You can buy yours here and I promise to review the other two as soon as I've tried them!

Me and you, just us two (and Jay-Jay of course!)
After a day of shopping, we decided to make the most of the weather and end the day with a mini-BBQ, even Jay-Jay was excited once he could smell the sausages!  I love busy Bank holidays, but there's nothing better than coming home and chilling out...and the food was pretty good too!


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Saturday, 24 May 2014


I was invited to a really fun blogging event on Thursday called '#Canthelpmyselfie' at French Connection in Newcastle.  The purpose of the event was to raise the profile of FCUK through the use of social media and the 'Selfie' trend.  I'm not a big selfie taker, so I'm not going to lie, I decided to get some practice in before I went! Here were my best attempts (ignore my hideous bathroom tiles!):

So, on the promise of a goodie bag and with my selfie-taking as good as I could get it, I hopped on the metro and headed to French Connection to meet up with my blogging buddy the lovely Lisa and her fab friend Fiona (Fee for short).  On arriving, we were told that we could pick anything we wanted from the store to wear for our Selfie shoot, then we could make our way up to hair and makeup to be preened ready for the camera.  Lots of the girls at the event had gone for full outfits for the shoot, but I just wanted a real statement piece that would look good on the camera.  In the end I chose this jacket:

French Connection (obvs!) £150
I teamed it with a pair of skinny fit jeans from the store, and wore my own top.  I absolutely love this jacket, so if anyone has a spare £150 tucked away and would like to buy it for me in a size 8 I'd really appreciate it ;) ha! 

Next we headed upstairs to a pop up hair and beauty salon provided by Regis and Benefit.  Whilst waiting, I managed to catch up with the lovely Emma, who introduced me to Amy, who was equally as lovely (the best thing about blogging is the people that you meet along the way!).  Lisa, Emma and Amy all had their hair styled into loose waves, whilst Fee went for a few curls in the front of her hair.  I went for big and curly and absolutely loved how it looked.  I also loved my makeup! I've never had my makeup done properly before so it felt like a really special treat, I've even booked to go back in June to get it done again!

Lisa, Emma, Amy and Fee getting pampered!

 A few snaps from the event and my finished hair and makeup.

Then it was Selfie time!  I was given a phone and sent into a booth where I had to take 5 photos and then choose my best three.  The photos are then displayed in the window of French Connection, and the person with the most votes wins a shopping spree.  I don't expect to win, but if you're feeling really kind and would like to vote for me, you can do so here! (thanks in advance!)  Here are my #canthelpmyselfie's:

Alternatively, if you'd like to vote for silly selfies, you might want to pick one of these:

You can vote for all three of us here! I particularly love the one with my eyes closed!!! Could only happen to me!

We ended the night with a delicious cupcake from Pet Lamb Patisserie and a viewing of our silly selfie's up on the French Connection window.  They're going to be there for a few days yet, so if you're passing, you can also vote for us by pressing the hand under our photograph!

Oooh and I almost forgot, we also got an amazing goodie bag!

Thanks to French Connection for such a fab event, and to Benefit and Regis for their styling!
Don't forget to vote for us here!


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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Dubai or not to buy? Chanel's Cruise Collection 2014

When I first brought 'I dream of Coco...' to life, it was a way to express my love of all things fashion, and high-end fashion in particular.  But alas as I am not a millionaire, hence the 'dream' part of the title, my blog has somewhat taken more of a lifestyle direction as I try to live my life in true Carrie Bradshaw fashion (think shoes not sex!) on a budget, and always want to share these experiences with you.  However, I am always particularly excited to put together a fashion post, so here is my latest one, ta-dah...I hope you enjoy it!

I had to of course talk about the latest Chanel show in Dubai (I realise I'm a little late in doing so!) because as always it was amazing!  Every Chanel presentation I have ever watched has always left me gobsmacked, and the latest one was no exception.  If you haven't seen the video, please watch it here! I won't chat about it too much, but I'll mention my top 5 looks from the show.

 Look 82

I'm not a huge fan of the trousers, but I love the idea and the detailing of the Dubai skyline across the bottom of the top.  This Look was eye-catching on the catwalk, simply beautiful!

Look 2

I loved the jacket from this Look, traditionally Chanel with a modern twist.  I also love the makeup, great for the runway!

Look 18

First off...I really don't understand the pants, but I love the twinset! Such intricate detailing, so delicate and pretty, definitely more 'ready-to-wear' than some of the other looks.

Look 30

Again, it's the jacket that drew me in here, I'm a sucker for a beautifully cut jacket, and I absolutely adore the colours.  I'm also a huge fan of all of the hair and make-up from the show...the hair accessories are unusual but really stand out.  The whole show felt to me like it had a whole 70s type theme running through it, and it really worked.

 Look 70

This look I chose purely because of the fine jewellery, the pin is stunning! Not so sure about the light up shoes...LA Gear anyone?

I could go on...there were many other pieces that really stood out to me from this show, and I always love the accessories...remember how much I raved about the perfume bottle clutch? (I've since bagged a pretty convincing replica, seeing as I haven't got a small fortune to spare for a real one!) However, I don't think I'll be hunting down one of these in a hurry...

Karl is a visionary...but for me this might be one step too far!

What did you think of the show? Which were your favourite Looks?


(Images are not my own, all images taken from apart from the last, which was from MTV)


Thursday, 15 May 2014

Saturday Part 2: Girlie night out for Mama L's birthday :)


So I thought I best write up Saturday night before the weekend is upon us again (whooop!) and as you've probably guessed by the title, this weekend was my lovely Mam's birthday.  We decided to make a night of it, and booked a table at Angelo's in Sunniside, Sunderland to celebrate.  The weather was horrific, but luckily we were straight out of the car and straight into the restaurant!

The birthday girl!
L-R: Mama L, Sally, Debbie, June

I thought I'd never been to Angelo's before, but as soon as I saw the decor I remembered that I'd once been there for tea with a friend.  The interior design there is absolutely beautiful even though it's quite unusual and quirky.  We'd booked a table for 8pm, but as the restaurant was busy, we didn't get to our table until 830, so we took the opportunity to have a quick drink at the bar and take a few snaps!  I'm not really a big drinker, but I tried Pear Kopperberg for the first time ever and it was delicious!

Once we'd sat down and ordered, it was really good to have a giggle and a catch up! We ordered our starters and they arrived pretty swiftly thankfully, as I was absolutely starving! I got a lovely tomato soup...

It was delicious! Unfortunately, we then waited well over an hour for our main courses to arrive which was a shame, as apart from the short delay at the beginning of the night the rest had been great.  I ordered pasta in tomato and cream sauce with pesto and fillet steak, which was definitely worth the wait (and it was a looong wait!)...

But my Mam's Seafood dish wasn't so appetising, she said it was yummy, but her last prawn was green!!! The manager told us there was no way that the food could possibly be off as it is bought in fresh every day, and offered us a round of Limoncello with compliments by way of an apology.  To be honest, I thought his comments were a little bit unacceptable, and even though they brought my Mam a lovely piece of birthday cake, they didn't take anything off the bill to compensate for her green prawn (urgh!) or the mammoth amount of time we'd had to wait (we didn't leave the restaurant until 11pm!).  But they say the company you are with can really make an evening, and this certainly was the case on Saturday, we giggled all night long!

I really enjoyed my meal, and actually, rancid prawn aside, I would recommend it.  The waiting staff are really nice and my food was delicious. I'd maybe suggest going on a quieter night though as I honestly don't think that they were quite as prepared for a busy evening as they should have been and I can see why it would put some people off visiting again.

After the meal, we popped next door to Bar:Justice and rounded the evening off in true Sex and the City style with a round of cocktails before heading home.

 All in all we had a great evening, and hopefully it'll be one to remember for my lovely Mama L in years to come!  If you haven't been to Bar:Justice before (also on Sunniside) I'd really recommend it! It's such a chilled out place and the cocktails are delicious! And you can also check out Angelo's here.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!



Monday, 12 May 2014

Saturday Part 1: Blogger's Teaspoon Event #bloggersteaspoon

Hello lovely people!

Saturday was such an amazing, eventful day for me that I've decided to split my post into two parts...check me out with my great social life ;).  So in true chronological fashion, I'm going to start with Saturday afternoon as I attended my first ever blogging event.  I've been invited to a couple of things before, but I've always had to pull out due to work commitments...or the fact that I'm a big coward and too scared to go on my own!!!  Well this time it was different, and I'm so glad I went along because I had a blast!

The event was called Blogger's Teaspoon, and it was arranged by the lovely Rachel and Becca in aid of Lupus UK.  I heard about it from Chloe, whose blog I absolutely love and always look forward to reading.  Not only did she give me all of the info, she also agreed to meet up with me before the event so I wouldn't be a billy no mates  which was such a relief as I'd probably have chickened out if I'd had to go alone (I plan to one day repay her kindness with cake!)!  Chloe and I also met up with Lisa, who's blog I hadn't read before, although it's great and very funny (I had a real life laugh out loud moment reading it on the Metro!), definitely one for the reading list!  The three of us then made our way to the event which was at Salsa on Westgate Road in Newcastle (check it out here!).  We were greeted by Rachel with warm hugs and a promise of lots of cake, so we knew we were off to a great start!

We were tucked away in the pretty little function room upstairs, where there were already lots of lovely bloggers for us to meet.  We sat on a corner table, and were joined by Helen from Hay's Travel (who also sponsored the event) who was really intrigued by all things blogging related as she doesn't write one of her own.  And we were intrigued by tales of her Mam's button collection (apparently her Mam has the biggest button collection in the world and is an expert in all things button related!), especially the lovely Emma, who was ready to write a Button blog by the time she left!  I also got to chat to Claire, who kindly gave me her candle from her goodie bag (thanks Claire its gorgeous!) and I also spoke to Rachel and Melissa briefly.  It was so lovely to meet people with so many different interests and reasons for blogging, and I really enjoyed my afternoon, I'm so glad I went and I'll definitely make sure I go to others!

Credit to Rachel and Becca, the room was so pretty with its bunting and it's pretty little china teacups.  And our goodie bags were absolutely amazing...I loved my Clean Cotton pretty <3.  And I've got to say the fairy cakes were out of this world!!

 Lovely Rachel and Becca drawing the raffle!

 Our amazing goodie bags!

There were so many bloggers I didn't get to chat to, but I had such a lovely day, and loved our little table.  Big thanks to Rachel and Becca, and of course to Chloe for helping me to be brave enough to go...can't wait until the next one!

PS-I know I said I would blog my OOTD for the event, but I just ended up wearing my tartan dress again as it was so rainy...but I did wear my Harrie Hattie bow earlier in the week as a brooch!...

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