Sunday, 20 April 2014

Hope you had an eggs-cellent Easter...

Hello lovelies...

Today I received the best Easter present I could've wished for...I Dream of Coco, this little blog, has reached 80 followers on Bloglovin'!!! I know compared to some blogs that is a relatively small number, but to me it means the whole world that people are interested in my fashion and lifestyle to all of the lovely people that take time to read, THANKS SO MUCH!!!  And if you're new, hi! How're ya doin'?

Anyhoo, today's post is a quick roundup of how I spent my Easter.  I feel like I owe you about six blogposts, I've had so much going on that my head is buzzing with ideas, but I thought I'd keep it current ha!  So, we don't really make a big deal of Easter to be honest, but we always visit my Mister's parents in Richmond, North Yorkshire and have a lovely Sunday dinner and tea there, and this year was no egg-ception (sorry I'll stop now!).  I always like to contribute to the meal in some way, so this year I baked a cake for after tea...what do you think?

I made a similar one last year and was really pleased with how it turned out, and it's dead easy to make.  I used the base part of a Giant Cupcake silicon mould to make the cake itself, and I doubled up the ingredients to make it a bit bigger (8oz/200g of margarine, 8oz/200g self-raising flour, 8oz/200g caster sugar and 4 medium eggs).  If you want a Victoria Sandwich recipe (I always use one for making my sponge) there's a great and simple one here!  Most Giant Cupcake moulds come with a separator which you fit on top of the base mould, then when the cake rises it creates an inverted dome shape in the top of your this case perfect for a birds nest!!!  With this cake, I sliced it in half when it had cooled and added raspberry jam and butter icing to the centre, then used the remainder of the butter icing on top of the cake as the base of the nest.  To create the nest effect, I just used broken up Cadbury's flakes and then added Mini-Eggs to the centre and voila! Your very own bird's nest cake (and it was yummy too, even if I do say so myself!).

We arrived in Richmond at dinnertime, had a cracking Sunday dinner, then headed off for a lovely walk around Easby and Richmond to make room for tea!  Here's what we saw...

Most of the pictures are the remains of Easby Abbey, and although I've seen it a few times, I always find it quite breathtaking.  I absolutely love Richmond, and I must have a million photographs of views of the river Swale, but yet I can never resist taking more!  Richmond is so picturesque so if you haven't been, choose a nice day and visit...but it's the hilliest place on Earth so don't wear heels!!! 

After our little stroll, we headed back and chilled out before tucking in to Sunday tea, then before long we were back in the car and heading home again.  It goes so quickly, but its always nice once in a while to spend a lovely day with family.

I was pleased with my little Easter gifts too.  My Mister bought me an appropriate Easter egg about a month ago.  I'm not going to lie, it only lasted long enough for me to take a picture of it, I'm not going to pretend I only ate it today!! But even so it was yummy...

A egg fit for a fashionista perhaps?!

And I also got some lovely gifts yesterday and today...
The creme egg Easter egg is from my Mister's Mam, we'll call her Mama P :) she spoiled us rotten today with some lovely food then sent us packing with a lovely Easter treat!  The Lush egg (which I am super-excited about using!) is called Immaculate Eggception and was a present from lovely Mama L.  I'll do a quick post about it after I've used it, but I can tell you now, it smells absolutely amazing!! And last but not least, the Lindt Carrot is from my lovely VBF.  I absolutely loved these when I saw them in Tesco's and Fenwicks and was talking to her about them, and unbeknown to me she'd already bought me one...! Psychic sisters methinks...thanks lovely <3

I hope you've had an amazing Easter, whatever you got up to! I'd love to hear all about it...feel free to tell me all about it!
Happy Easter lovelies 

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  1. I've heard a few people mention Richmond and I'm beginning to think I need to make a visit!

    I got the same Thorntons cupcake egg :D

    Congratulations on your 80 followers!

    Chloe x

    1. Thanks Chloe! Yeah, Richmond is absolutely lovely, lots to explore! Make sure you visit the station and get yourself a ice cream, they do the most amazing flavours! Thanks for the lovely comments you always leave, I love your blog :)

  2. That cake looks gorgeous. And Easby Abbey is now on my list when I travel to England in July :-) Thanks so much for sharing!
    xoxo Leona
    .. .and congrats to the 80, well done!!!

    1. Aww thanks Leona <3 I follow your blog on bloglovin', it's so sweet! Thanks for taking time to comment, and if you like Easby, you'll love Richmond, so much countryside to explore!!



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