Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Oh I do like to be beside the Quayside...


I feel like I haven't written in ages, how've you all been?? I've got a good little post coming up about my latest bargain finds...but today's is just a short one.  A few Sunday's ago (the 16th) I decided to pop up to Newcastle Quayside with my Dad to visit the market.  When I was little, my Mam, Dad and I used to visit the market nearly every Sunday and I remember it having hundreds of stalls, so I was really excited to see how it was today as I'd never been in years.

After arriving at the Quayside, I have to say I was a little disappointed.  The market, although it had some lovely stalls, was nothing like I remembered, and there were only about 15 stalls to speak of.  I bought my Mister a massive slab of peanut M 'n' M's chocolate for the bargain price of £3, so for all he didn't come along, he thought the day was a roaring success!!  When I was little, I always came home with a helium balloon, and I was sad to see that there was no-one selling any this time...although that may have been just as well...if nostalgia had gotten the better of me I may have been travelling home with an over-sized Minnie Mouse balloon, or something equally bizarre.  I'm not sure it would be a good look at 28!!!  I do love the Quayside though, I think it's so pretty, so I used the opportunity to take some nice photos.  It was such a bright day...but it was freeeeeeezing!!

These pictures are of the Millennium Bridge being lifted to let boats pass through...I've never seen this happen before so I was quite intrigued by it!

At the end of the trip, my Dad and I popped into the Baltic.  I absolutely love the Baltic, but art isn't really my Dad's thing (you can see him there photo-bombing my Baltic picture!) so we only managed a browse around the gift shop.  I took a photo of the 'Pitcher and Piano' too; I've never been in but I always think it looks like a pretty bar.  Another time for cocktails perhaps?

There aren't any outfit of the day posts, as I spent the day looking like I'd been dragged through a hedge backwards it was sooo windy! However, I did take this little snap on the Metro...it seemed like a good day for Sea Monster...I wonder if there are any lurking in the Tyne...


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  1. I'd be so intrigued to see how the quayside market used to look, I've only ever known it the way it is. My first ever visit to Newcastle Simon took me and I really like it, however the stalls do get a little plastic and tacky towards the Swing Bridge end.

    The Pitcher and Piano is awesome, I definitely recommend it. It's heaving in the Summer with everyone sitting outside. They do gorgeous roasts and breakfasts too!

    I work right on the Quayside so see the bridge lift up most days, it always happens at very inconvenient moments when I need to cross the river and get to Gateshead! x

    1. Ha I nearly died! I got on the bridge and an alarm went off, I've never ran so fast in my life to get off it...didn't realise you got about ten mins before they lifted it...what an idiot!! Yeah I'll def try the Pitcher and Piano when I'm next there with Chris. I love the market too, just wish there had been more to see :) xxx


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