Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Oh I do like to be beside the Quayside...


I feel like I haven't written in ages, how've you all been?? I've got a good little post coming up about my latest bargain finds...but today's is just a short one.  A few Sunday's ago (the 16th) I decided to pop up to Newcastle Quayside with my Dad to visit the market.  When I was little, my Mam, Dad and I used to visit the market nearly every Sunday and I remember it having hundreds of stalls, so I was really excited to see how it was today as I'd never been in years.

After arriving at the Quayside, I have to say I was a little disappointed.  The market, although it had some lovely stalls, was nothing like I remembered, and there were only about 15 stalls to speak of.  I bought my Mister a massive slab of peanut M 'n' M's chocolate for the bargain price of £3, so for all he didn't come along, he thought the day was a roaring success!!  When I was little, I always came home with a helium balloon, and I was sad to see that there was no-one selling any this time...although that may have been just as well...if nostalgia had gotten the better of me I may have been travelling home with an over-sized Minnie Mouse balloon, or something equally bizarre.  I'm not sure it would be a good look at 28!!!  I do love the Quayside though, I think it's so pretty, so I used the opportunity to take some nice photos.  It was such a bright day...but it was freeeeeeezing!!

These pictures are of the Millennium Bridge being lifted to let boats pass through...I've never seen this happen before so I was quite intrigued by it!

At the end of the trip, my Dad and I popped into the Baltic.  I absolutely love the Baltic, but art isn't really my Dad's thing (you can see him there photo-bombing my Baltic picture!) so we only managed a browse around the gift shop.  I took a photo of the 'Pitcher and Piano' too; I've never been in but I always think it looks like a pretty bar.  Another time for cocktails perhaps?

There aren't any outfit of the day posts, as I spent the day looking like I'd been dragged through a hedge backwards it was sooo windy! However, I did take this little snap on the Metro...it seemed like a good day for Sea Monster...I wonder if there are any lurking in the Tyne...


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Friday, 21 March 2014

Celebrating our 9 years milestone...


I've been a bit late with my posts this week, so I'm just putting the photos up now from our little anniversary celebration from Saturday.  For those of you who may be stumbling across my little blog for the first time I'll bring you up to speed, (Hi! Nice to meet you!!) Saturday marked the day that I have been with my lovely Mister for 9 whole years.  We're not married or anything, so it's not a massive occasion as such, but it's always nice to celebrate a little bit of happiness, don't you think?

We decided to go to the Fat Buddha in Durham for our anniversary meal, as we've wanted to go for ages and never really got around to it. The food was pretty good, but the highlight was definitely my raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake.  I'm currently on a bit of a health kick, so after chowing down on salad all week, the cake was like a party in my mouth!!

Here's what I wore...

Top: Primark, £10 Jeans: Levi's (Xmas pressie!) Bag: Accessorize (old)
Shoes: Roland Cartier via Scout Vintage

I was very excited to give my shoes their debut outing! You can read more about the shoes here!

This was my Mister's attire for the evening:

He sure does love his Fred Perry!
This is what we had:

LA Cosmo...love a cocktail!
Chris enjoying his Duck!

Cherry Blossom
We ordered from a set menu and had the crispy duck pancakes to start, then I had stir-fried chicken fillet with rice and Chris had pork belly with rice.  Then for dessert, I had the amazing cheesecake and Chris was stuffed so he had sorbet.  It was a lovely meal all in all, and a great night with the best company I could wish for! Oh and I mustn't forget to mention the amazing cocktails, my LA Cosmo and my Cherry Blossom.  If you're not familiar with the Buddha, downstairs is a bar, so if you fancy a nice cocktail there's no need to book, just pop in for a tipple or two!

Although these last two photos are dark, it gives you an idea of what the bar looks like.  I really wanted to take a photo of the amazing catwalk in the restaurant, but we weren't sat anywhere near it so there was never a good moment!! Thankfully, there's an amazing shot of it on their website; girls you will love it!  If you want to find out more about Fat Buddha, here's the link!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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Monday, 17 March 2014

March musings...

Hello lovelies!

Isn't it nice to be finally seeing some sunshine?  I feel more motivated and I love how much the sun seems to put a smile on everyone's face :) here's to summer!! Here's a little post all about the things that have been making my March much more cheery! Hope you enjoy it:

Wearing my Chanel...eeek!

Some of you may remember my post about Scout Vintage (here!) when it first opened, and the purchase of my very first authentic piece of vintage Chanel...at the bargain price of £24.95! Well because of the lovely weather we've been having, Wednesday was the first chance I've actually had to wear it, and I was sooooo excited!! As it's a crop, I teamed it with a lemon v-neck skinny tee (no-one needs to see my white tummy thank you very much!!), tights, navy striped sailor shorts, a leather jacket and my navy Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes.  I am a bad blogger and didn't manage a full length OOTD shot...but I took a couple of quick snaps to give you an idea.  I think this little cutie will be appearing heavily in my Spring/Summer wardrobe :).

I added my little Chanel brooch for an extra piece of cuteness!

Rockliffe Hall favouriting my blog post...

This is just a small one, but it did bring a little smile to my face...thank you Rockliffe! You can read my post all about our Rockliffe shenanigans here!

My cute new Paris stationery...

Yes, I'm still on the Paris bandwagon.  We haven't booked up yet, but are planning to do so this month for August...I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about it!!  It's a place that I've always dreamed about going to, but have never had the chance.  If I win the lottery, I might just stay there ;).  Anyway, I digress, I popped into Wilkinson's on Wednesday for some work bits and pieces and found the cutest Paris stationery! I bought a new A4 notebook and matching A4 zipper bag.  I'm such a sucker for stationery!  You can buy yours here, and its so reasonable! My note book was £2.50 and my zipper bag was only 85p!

C'est tres belle!

Rimmel's Salon Pro Colour with LYCRA: Rhythm and Blues...
Image taken from www.superdrug.com

This is one of the Kate Moss colours from the range and I bought it for Rockliffe Hall, to coordinate with my navy dress.  I don't wear nail varnish a lot as my Mister has a strange nail varnish phobia (apparently this phobia really does exist!), so being a nice girlfriend I compromise and only wear it when he's away or for special occasions.  Anyway, I was so impressed with this one, I didn't want to take it off! I started with a clear base coat and did have to apply a couple of coats of R 'n' B to get an even coverage (make sure you leave plenty of time for it to dry between coats), but I was so impressed with the finish.  I am a serial nail-chipper too, and I'm happy to report the coverage lasted the full two days I was wearing it without a single chip!  I've used these nail varnishes before, and whilst I'm not sure you would get 10 days without a chip as claimed, I've certainly managed a week's coverage out of it.  And for the bargain price of £4.49, what have you go to lose? You can buy yours here.

Chanel No5 perfume bottle handbag...
Image taken from Chanel.com

It's the ultimate wishlist accessory at the moment...and I'd love one.  But at a hefty price tag of thousands I don't think I'll have one anytime soon.  What I do have though is an alternative for my iPhone 5...

Thank you Etsy for making my dreams come true! You can buy yours here.

What's been making your March cheery?


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Saturday, 15 March 2014

9 years to the day...

I'll apologise in advance lovelies as this is a bit of a slushy post.  I want to say some lovely words about my Mister, who I have been in a relationship with for 9 years today, and I honestly can't imagine what life would be like without him.  He's my best friend, makes me laugh hysterically and is always there when I need someone to moan to.  People say that nobody is perfect, but he's pretty perfect to me. I like to think that we bring the best out in each other.  We've been through so much together, many more highs than lows and this is my thanks to him for always making me smile :)...

Here's to the next 9 babe...

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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Sunny Sunday...

After leaving Rockliffe on Friday, my VBF and I planned a little girly outing into Durham for Sunday (9th), as the weather was set to be sunny and we love our days out in the sunshine!!  We opted to go to Chapter's Tearoom for a light lunch of wraps and the loveliest rainbow cake I have seen/tasted!!!  After a bite and a gossip, we went for a lovely stroll along the river, taking in the sights, and dreaming of living in a penthouse that we passed along the way...ooh and we also browsed around Van Mildert, just because it would've been rude not to!!

Duck wrap, sweet chilli chicken wrap...and amazing rainbow cake to share!!

This is what we saw...I <3 Durham...

Hope you had a happy Sunday my lovelies!


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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Rockliffe Hall...A Night in aid of Children with Cancer...

Hello my lovelies!

Friday was a really special day for me, as I was asked by my inspirational friend Paul to perform at a fantastic charity event in aid of Children with Cancer at the Rockliffe Hall hotel.  Paul helps to host this event annually to raise money for the charity, and also runs countless marathons every year for the same cause.  I performed at the event last year, and was really excited to do it again this year, particularly as my Mister and I decided to stay over.  I've never stayed in a 5* hotel before, so I was super excited for that! And the best part was that my lovely VBF and her mister, Mark also decided to come along to the event and stay, so I got to share it with all of my favourite people!!

Once my Mister and I had arrived, and got through the gruelling task of heaving all of my PA equipment up the stairs to the main hall for the event, we checked in and were led to our gorgeous penthouse apartment in the new Tiplady Lodge.  I have never experienced luxury like it! The hotel itself is set in the most beautiful well kept grounds and is absolutely stunning, but the rooms themselves really are something else.  I could quite happily have had our room as my home!! We had separate seating and sleeping areas and a bathroom which was even better than ours at home! Even the reading material on the coffee table was 5*...there was a copy of Vogue!
Our Rockliffe room in the Tiplady lodge
We didn't have much time from checking in until the event started, and as I was singing at the Champagne reception, it was a case of getting dressed and heading straight back out!  Here comes the fashion bit...this was my OOTD...

Dress: Warehouse (sale!), Necklace and bracelet set: Vivienne Westwood, Bag: Vivienne Westwood Africa Bag, Shoes: Melissa + Alessandra Ambrosio

And here is Natalie's...didn't she look lovely?

Dress: AX Paris
I'm really pleased to say that my 45 min singing set went pretty much without a hitch, and it was really nice to be all done and dusted by 8pm, so that I could enjoy the event and a glass of red with my lovely Mister and friends.

Although I didn't take any pictures, our meal was delicious.  The highlight for me was the popping candy sorbet as part of our dessert...yummy!  After the food, we got to hear some fantastic and inspiring stories of how the charity has been helping some really lovely families and children to overcome cancer.  It's lovely to know that just by attending and supporting such a worthy cause, we're hopefully helping many children back to health.  I was also overwhelmed by the generosity of Paul and his team, who presented me with the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers as thanks for singing at the event.  So if by any chance you're ready this guys...thanks again!

The night was closed by a great set of mod tunes from the band 'The Roundels' and lots of silly dancing, selfies and giggling from us! We all had so much fun, and it was sooo nice to end it by crashing in the world's comfiest bed!
Chris (my lovely mister!), Moi, Natalie (VBF), Mark (Natalie's mister!)
Me and my guy!! xxx
Mark and Natalie looking lovely xxx
Some suave photos...

Some silly selfies...
 My Mister and I were early to rise the next day, and before heading down for breakfast, I took a few shots of the grounds just to give you an idea of how beautiful the hotel really is.  I think I spent my whole time there gobsmacked and speechless!!! And the breakfast was so yummy...I just had porridge but it was out of this world!

A 10 out of 10 weekend for me, my VBF and our lovely boys!
And a fantastic way to raise pennies for a great charity!
Thank you for having us!!

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Monday, 10 March 2014

Chanel Supermarket...? C'est super!!!

Okay...I know I'm late to post about this, but how amazing was the Chanel AW '14/15 Ready to Wear show at Paris Fashion Week last week? You didn't see it??!! Well you're in luck because I have the link for it right here!

Can you imagine a world where everything you buy is branded with the cool Chanel 'CC' logo? Well imagine no more, as Lagerfeld's vision was just that.  The show took place at the Grand Palais, and guests were allowed to browse the halls of the supermarket before the show began which Francoise-Claire Prodhon describing it as "evoking the consumerist culture imagery of Pop Art as well as the concept of easy everyday luxury" (for Chanel.com).  If only Chanel was an easy everyday luxury to us all!

The looks themselves were quirky and colourful.  Much like the "Fashion Machine" Spring-Summer show from earlier in the year, trainers were very much the favoured footwear selection, but whilst the Haute-Couture show was a pastel affair, pop art primary brights and bolder colours were very much the chosen theme here.  And it was definitely the finishing touches that really made the show, Chanel bags in the meat aisle and Chanel shopping trolleys? Yes please!

What I love most about Karl's vision season to season is that the looks are distinctively traditional Chanel, but with a very modern twist.  For all it is ready to wear, it is after all high-fashion and most of us would look ridiculous wearing a lot of it to walk down the street, but if you pick apart each look imagine how great some of the coats and bags would look paired with the cute dresses and jeans of everyday life? And bold brights for winter?..I certainly approve!

Here are my favourite looks from the show:

I love Cara's coat, the blouse in the second picture and the bright yellow coat in the third (plus check out the cool Chanel shopping basket!!!) You can check out all of the looks here.

What did you think of the Supermarket Show?
Me...I'm always dreaming of Coco...

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