Sunday, 16 February 2014

Valentine's Meal...the verdict...

Beautiful Valentine's morning sky from my window!

Even Jay-Jay wanted to spread the love..aww!

So here it is, as promised, the verdict of my Valentine's meal.  Allow me to set the scene...

First port of call was Asda to pick up my meal goodies.  After thinking I had been given a ham and pineapple pizza as a replacement for vanilla extract, I was slightly worried, but when I got home I realised I actually had just been given the pizza by mistake! PHEW!  So sorry to whoever's Valentine's tea I spoiled by stealing their pizza, and a big sigh of relief that I didn't have to try and put the pizza into my cheesecake as a vanilla replacement!! :D

I spent Friday afternoon prepping my meal, and much to my amazement everything went really smoothly!  I completed my dessert, prepared my chicken, made some snazzy lemon mayonnaise, then dashed off to work, ready to finish everything when I got home.

Luckily, when I returned a few hours later, my Mister was just leaving to take our pooch for a walk, giving me time to prettify the house, throw on a dress and crack on with the meal.  My menu was as follows:


Asparagus wrapped in parma ham served with lemon mayonnaise
Raspberry Prosecco Cocktails

Main Course

Parmesan Chicken breasts with crispy posh ham served with mash and green veg


Vanilla Cheesecake

I tried to choose stuff that I hadn't ever cooked before, that would tickle my Miser's taste-buds, but wouldn't be too stressful to cook, yet would still look impressive!  And I don't want to blow my own trumpet but I was really impressed with the outcome, and my Mister was too! Result!  Everything went to plan and was totally stress free and best of all I even managed to sit down, relax and enjoy it myself.  We chatted, listened to music, and even had a drink and a dance around the sitting room...proof that staying in is the new going out! I think it was my favourite Valentine's in a long while, and it was so lovely for us to spend some quality time together.

As an added bonus, for all I said we don't bother with presents for Valentine's, my Mister surprised me with tickets for us to go and see Jack Whitehall in March, which I am very excited about.  It was such a thoughtful gift as I really wasn't expecting it, and it's something else we can both enjoy together.  Plus it was nice to know that all my cooking hard work was appreciated.  Aww, he's a keeper <3

The roses were my little flowery gift to myself (just like I mentioned in my last post!) but I have to confess, I did also buy one of those gorgeous Lush heart locket bombs from my previous post! I bought it on Saturday though, so technically it wasn't a Valentine's self-indulgent present but I can't wait to use it!!!

I hope all of your Valentine's dreams came true! How did you spend yours?


PS-thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to follow my little blog, best Valentine's present I could wish for <3

K xxx

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  1. Hey Kayleigh,

    Just commenting in regards to the 'What's in her make up bag' guest post series.

    I'm hoping to start the series in March. There isn't any rush to get it done/send it over. If you could email me the pictures and post for the start of March that'd be great.

    Thanks, Casey (A Topsy Turvy

    1. Thanks Casey :) that's fine, looking forward to writing it :)

  2. I love your dog! He is soo cute! I have a dog named Snowball (:
    ~Makaela at

    1. Aww thanks :) he's cute but he's a handful of personality!!

      K xx


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