Thursday, 6 February 2014

Branching out...Facebook Page

Hello lovelies, hope you've had a lovely week!  It's finally February, which means Spring is drawing nearer, and pretty soon the winter wardrobe will be banished back where it belongs.  I love seeing colour creep into the shops this time of year, and the promise of Summer on the horizon.  I could've bought a million bold coloured items yesterday...but as I'm saving I didn't.  This makes me sad :(

Never mind, I'm not here to sulk...I'm here to tell you I've been branching out, and you can now follow my blog on Facebook.  I promise with the FB page to post at least one photograph or comment a day, so I can update you on the go for those days that I can't really squeeze in a blog.  I'm so grateful to you lovely people that take time out to read my little blog, and it means a lot to me that  people are interested in what I have to say :) so a big THANKS to you all!  So yeah, if you'd like to 'like' my FB page you can do so here!

My little treat to myself this week was the fabulous seasonal 'Elle Collections' magazine. It only appears on our shelves twice a year, but gives a great round-up of all the fashion shows and looks from the best designers for the current season.  Its £7, and honestly I think it's worth every penny! And whilst you're there, you may as well pick up the 'Vogue' March issue too...the lovely postman brought mine!

I may be penniless, but a girl's gotta dream!
What will you be wearing this season?



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