Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Just January...

Ahhh January, January, January...why must you torture me so...

Hello my lovelies! So, I decided that as part of my 2014 plan I'd really like to go on holiday.  And the place I'd love to go to?  Paris daaaahling!  It's been such a long time since my Mister and I had a holiday abroad, and after really enjoying our little mini-break to Edinburgh for his birthday last year, we both decided that for 2014 we'd like to go further afield.  It's been my lifelong dream since forever to visit Paris, and although we've looked at other places, Paris is definitely the front runner.  So I decided that as this is definitely a dream I'd like to come true in 2014, there's only one thing I can do in order to achieve it...and that is to stop spending money...DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNN!!  Now don't get me wrong, I am usually quite a sensible thing when it comes to money...but I do like a spurge (the trips here, there and everywhere last year probably confirm that for you!).  But if I'm going to go to Paris, I want to go all out (and hopefully come home with some Chanel...) so for a frivilous fashionista, I've really cut back.  Have to confess's absolutely killing me!!! Especially as the Spring/Summer '14 clothes are creeping in everywhere and my wardrobe could really do with a spruce up!  In an effort to not spend money, I've even put a backdrop of the Eiffel Tower on my phone and computer's wallpaper, so if I try to shop online I am quickly remined that the money could be put to better use.  The things we put ourselves through...!  I'm hoping to go sometime in July so I've got a long few months ahead of me, but I definitely think mirky January sure does make it harder to not spend! When the rain pours constantly, a nice splash of colour would certainly brighten things up...bright handbag anyone? *sigh*



  1. It'll all be worth it when you're stood in the Rue Cambon store buying something! xx

    1. I can't wait to go there Shannon and the Louis Vuitton store! I just hope I can afford some Chanel...even if it's just some No5 ha! Positive motivational thoughts haha ;) xxx

    2. Even if it's a pair of CC socks haha! I'm sure you'll get there :) xx

    3. Haha yeah anything really ;) thanks honey :) xx


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