Wednesday, 8 January 2014 year of friendship...

Okay, okay, I know I should be looking forwards not backwards, but I promise this will be my last post about 2013.  And let's face it, it may only be January but there's always so much to look forward to with the start of a New Year (two months of fashion for a start once the fashion weeks kick off again...eek!).  But I'm looking back in a really positive way.  I guess this post is a shout out to my Very Best Friend...who I'd like to thank for making my 2013 as fun and as fabulous as it could possibly be.  I was looking through my iPhone, and I couldn't believe just how much we had managed to cram into a year...there are photo's of us everywhere, places I'd even forgotten about.  That was what really inspired this fact with the photographs it could almost write itself!!! So here it year of friendship, in pictures...

I've always had friends, but Natalie is my sister from another mister.  She's helped revamp my make-up knowledge, introduced me to Victoria's Secret, been my confidant...I could go on forever!  We've had fun, laughs, tears and loads of who knows what we'll get up to in 2014!!!  But all I really want to say is I'm so thankful for her friendship and for a great 2013.  No matter what else fails, it's always good to know you've got a friend that's got your back :)

I hope 2014 is your year of friendship!

K xxx 

(I made my collages with PicMonkey)

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