Monday, 2 December 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Hello, how've you been?

I've had a frantic couple of weeks once again, and things are set to get even busier this week...this is what Christmas time does to you!!! But I absolutely love it.  I thought I'd combine everything into one post as it's all kind of related anyways, so here goes...

Christmas shopping in Newcastle with Mama L...

As if we hadn't already done enough shopping in Leeds and York, we decided that we'd have a mammy-daughter trip to Newcastle, as Mam really wanted me to choose something for my birthday (which is Christmas day if you haven't read any of my other posts! Festive baby!).  I'll be 28 years young this year, and my Mam, bless her, is drawing her pension these days, but she always insists I choose something special for my birthday, even though I'd rather she spent the money on herself!  But there's no point arguing, and I'm grateful; she really does buy the most amazing presents!  I'd seen some gorgeous love heart earrings in the Vivienne Westwood store in Leeds, but was torn, so in the end I didn't get them.  However, I'd thought about them ever since (he who hesitates is lost, and all that jazz!) so Mama L was hell-bent on getting them in Newcastle for me for my birthday treat.  So after hopping off the Metro, and visiting the most amazing Christmas market (where I got the cutest this space he's coming later in this post!) we headed to VW to track down the sparkly little darlings.

Newcastle market-my penguin in the wild!
Unfortunately, the trip to VW was unsuccessful in earring terms, however I did treat myself to a new little checkered neckerchief that was peering out at me from one of the glass cabinets...I couldn't resist!! The staff are so nice in the Newcastle store too, you could literally spend all day chatting to them (although I'd dread to think of my bank balance if I spent a day in there!).  From there, we visited a little cafe for lunch, and had a Primark haul...I bought Mam a lovely beaded bag to put towards her Christmas presents, and got myself a little jumper, prepared in case of snow!  We then decided to pop to Cruise, still in search of the earrings, and after a quick browse we hit the jackpot! There they were in all of their glory, staring back at me from the jewellery counter! Happy birthday Kayleigh!!!

By this point, Mam was starting to feel tired, so we popped to John Lewis for a browse of their Christmas goodies (and I couldn't walk past the Chanel make-up counter without buying another Rouge Coco Shine lipstick...doh!) then we had a quick look at Fenwicks window before heading home.  The queue for the window was as long as the street!!! So I took a few pics, but most are from a distance, you'll get the idea though! Fenwicks window truly is a North-East tradition, where everyone flocks to see it unveiled.  This years theme is fairytale, and my favourite of them all was the Snow Queen window...enjoy!

The Snow Queen Window

Hansel and Gretel

My fashion fairytale...VW neckerchief and "Boy" lipstick
"Boy" a gorgeous barely-there shade for every day

Holiday's are coming, holiday's are coming...

I work in Sunderland city centre on a Saturday morning, and this working week coincided with the arrival of the Coca-Cola truckWhen I was little, the advert used to be the real indication that Christmas was almost upon us, and the moment it felt okay to get excited about it! I don't think I would've specifically gone to see it, but as I was already there it was worth a visit.  I couldn't believe how many people were queuing for a free can of coke though!!!

I was a little bit underwhelmed by it all...I thought it would be all lit up like in the advert...but it was basically just a lorry ha!  However, I saw in friend's photos who visited it on the evening that it was lit up after all and it looked loads better against the night sky. Oh well, at least now I know the holiday's are really on their way!!!

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...

I think my favourite thing about Christmas is putting up the Christmas tree! Honestly, if the work wasn't so seasonal I'd wish it was my job!! I did Mama L's tree first on Saturday evening (which I know was not technically December, but it was only a day away!) then spent all of Sunday prettifying my own house with festive goodies! Mam's tree has a Disney theme, whereas mine is more handmade toys and twinkly lights.  Anyway, I thought I'd share the pictures with you...hope you like them!

Mama L's Disney Tree!
My little tree all aglow!
Handmade toy theme
My festive fireplace, and my new penguin in captivity!
Jay-Jay, my pooch, relaxing by the tree

Santa stop here, we've all been good!

Myself and the dog getting in on some Christmas countdown action!

Christmas upstairs...


Festive spread!

When do you put your decorations up?
What's your favourite thing about December?


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