Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sea Monsters Part 2

Well this is a super short post to say...look what the Christmas post man brought me... Sea Monster birthday wish came true!!!  Regular readers of this blog will know how much I've been banging on about this Sea Monster bag since it first came out.  Well, after months of drooling, I took initiative and decided to order it, knowing that the birthday fairy would be bringing me some birthday pennies to reimburse myself...and it came! I've never been so excited to see a FedEx man in my life!! It's been my arm candy ever since...but don't worry, I won't be neglecting my Yasmin bag...I'm just giving her a bit of a holiday!  And the best part? Last year I got a free cosmetic purse with a purchase of the 'Cheeky Alice' perfume and it's a perfect match to the tartan here :) don't you just love it when a plan comes together?!

What beautiful presents did you get for Christmas?


A very very unbirthday to me, to me!

Right..I know I said I don't really get the chance to celebrate my birthday with it being Christmas day.  And I know I went to London to celebrate my birthday in style.  But my lovely friend Debbie, who really is like a big sister from another mister to me, insisted on paying for a little birthday afternoon tea for me and my favorite people, at my favourite tearoom Serendipity.  Obviously Mama L made an appearance, as did my lovely VBF Natalie, as well as Debbie and myself.  June had taken great care in prettifying my little birthday table, complete with Christmas attire, cute little slate place names and teacup candles. I wore my reindeer antlers with pride, until they fell off when I started to eat my sandwiches!! I loved Debbie's little Santa hat too, and thought Natalie looked cute as can be in her wobbly snowmen hairband!  Our tea was a selection of sandwiches, fruit and cheese scones, with clotted cream, jam and berries for the fruit ones, Christmas cake, stollen and Christmas cupcakes, all freshly homemade and as much tea as we could drink. I had afternoon tea at Serendipity for my birthday last year, which was just as lovely, but the little Christmas finishing touches really made it special for me this year. I also got a lovely little present from June, a Queen of Hearts slide and matching shoe clips which I can't wait to wear :)

It was really nice that June could join us for 5 minutes towards the end of the tea, so we could pose for a lovely mad hatters photograph together :) perfect end to a perfect birthday tea!
        L-R: Natalie, Me, Mama L, Debbie and June-the crackers Christmas mad hatters!

If you'd like to book an afternoon tea at Serendipity (situated in Frederick Street, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear) prices start at £15 per person. For more information call June and Robin on (0191) 5100054 or email


Saturday, 28 December 2013

Ho! Ho! Ho! To Winter Wonderland we go!

How ya doin'? Did you all have a fantabulous Christmas?  I hope so!

Well, as you may have noticed, I am a LOT behind with these little ole blog posts, so I am going to ask you to go back in a week before Christmas...December 18th to be precise, so I can take you on a journey with my VBF and I, to a magical place, for a walk in a "Winter Wonderland".  Yes, as it's my birthday on Christmas Day (I know unlucky, right?), I never really ever do anything to celebrate it, but this year I decided to greet 28 in style as every fashionista should.  So why don't you come with us? Think of it as the Polar Express (except with less children, and more London than North Pole!!)...are you ready?

We booked the trip totally spur of the moment because we really wanted to see Selfridges in all it's Christmas glory, but added Winter Wonderland into the mix at the last minute.  It is situated in Hyde Park, and runs right throughout December and into early January.  Entry is free, but you have to pay to go onto the rides.  We had pre-booked a ride on the Christmas Big Wheel, and a trip into the icy Magical Kingdom, which I'd definitely recommend as I imagine in busier times queuing would be an absolute nightmare.  But if you don't want to go on the rides, there are plenty of Christmas market stalls and food stalls to keep you entertained.  We arrived at Winter Wonderland for about 10.15 am, and it was a Wednesday morning, so we had no problems with queues to get in, but if you go later in the day or on a weekend, I think you need to be prepared for madness!  But why am I even talking about this when I could show you...?

We're here!! Arriving at Hyde Park...eeeek!
The Christmas Tree (poor photography but you get the idea!)
Santa wasn't there...
...because he was in his Sleigh at the North Pole!!
Magical talking tree

The Christmas Big Wheel

This was one of the things we really wanted to go on, because the views of London from it are amazing!  We booked in advance but still had to wait quite a while for our turn, as the organisation of it was a little poor.  Once we got up there though, it was well worth the wait.  The wheel does four rotations whilst you are on it (by the fourth time however we were a little bit bored!!) and you get a choice of Christmas music to listen to in your little carriage, which was a cute touch.  It was a pretty windy day though, so at the highest point of the wheel, the carriage was absolutely freezing!!! But we braved the wind and had a sing-song, what more could we ask for?

Views from the favourite is the one of the Shard and the London Eye

It was wheely good fun haha!

The Magical Kingdom

This was my favourite part of Winter Wonderland, and well worth the money (again if you're going, pre-book!).  The Magical Kingdom is made entirely of ice and ice sculptures, so is super super cold at -18 Degrees Celsius!  To be honest it is pretty indescribable; entering is like being transported to another world...a Narnia of ice.  The sculptures are absolutely phenomenal.  Our favourite part was the ice slide which was, well, a slide made of ice.  The poor lady that went down it before me got stuck halfway down, and had to edge her way off a little at a time.  I decided that I'd give myself a good push to make sure that didn't happen to me, and I went whizzing down the slide, flying off the end and landing on the ramp with a bump! It was so much fun though!  My favourite sculptures were the frog prince, the lion and the wishing well, but there was so much to see in there and certainly something for everyone...there was even a bar!

Before we left Winter Wonderland for the next part of our journey, I should mention that we also had the best turkey and stuffing sandwich for £5 from one of the food stalls for lunch (opposite Magical Kingdom), and that we went on The Christmas Coaster, which is quite possibly the funniest ride I have ever been on in my life...make sure you tie your trainers tight so you don't lose them in the process!! You can view the Christmas Coaster here.

Victoria's Secret, Selfridges, Windows and Lights!

As we managed to get around Winter Wonderland so easily, come dinner time we were done and had the remainder of the day left to shop and sight-see, or rather sight-see the shops we normally see!!  We took a nice stroll up to Marble Arch, then headed first towards Victoria's Secret. I don't have to remind you how much my VBF and I love Victoria's Secret, and as we were kindly given a mystery money off voucher when we visited the Leeds store, we decided that new underwear would be a perfect Christmas treat to ourselves!  Our vouchers ended up being a £10 credit, which was still a saving worth having, and meant we virtually got our knickers for free...ooh steady!  With it being so close to Christmas, the store was decorated even more beautifully than normal, and the windows displayed all of the catwalk costumes that each model had walked in during the latest VS show.  Absolutely fabulous!

From there we headed to Liberty's via Carnaby Street, so I could treat myself to two gorgeous Christmas baubles, a glass icicle and a love heart.  They look so sweet on the tree.  Going via Carnaby Street meant we got to see these gorgeous cute!

From Liberty's, we decided that as it was starting to get dark, what better way to end our time at Oxford Street than to visit our home away from home, Selfridges, to view the gorgeous Christmas windows and visit the Christmas Emporium...which was so beautifully finished since we last visited in September.  The windows were out of this world, and made the little Fenwicks windows near home seem so miniscule!!  My favourites were the Charlotte Olympia shoe, the YSL handbag with swinging tassel, the giant trainer and the gingerbread buildings.  But honestly the photos don't do it justice...if you can visit, please do, they are absolutely amazing!
Selfridges by day...
...and by night!
The Charlotte Olympia shoe!

We were coming towards the end of our journey at this point, so after a quick drink in Selfridges, we took in the last few lights of Oxford Street, which I have to say were absolutely magical!  If anything can help to make you feel festive it's London at Christmas!!

We couldn't possibly leave London without visiting the enormous Christmas tree at Covent Garden, and what a perfect way to end the trip.  What do you think? It really is something!!

We also spotted this cool London Eye and the Shard made completely out of Lego! And I couldn't leave without taking a snap of this perfect Chanel advent calendar, based on the original Paris store.  If only Santa could bring me that!! On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, Chanel to put under my tree...I wish :)

All that was left to do was grab a quick bite then catch the train home.  London always leaves us with such special memories, but this was a day I will never magical.  The day was ended perfectly with a surprise early birthday cake from my VBF...which really was...erm...the icing on the cake! What do you think?

I hope you enjoyed our journey...Happy Birthday to me :)
K xxx

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