Thursday, 3 October 2013

Scouting for Vintage...

I love vintage.  I love the idea of walking into a shop for the first time and not knowing what's going to be inside.  That's the beauty of vintage shops, there's usually something for everyone.  I think the appeal for me with vintage is the chance to bag a relatively good designer piece without the designer price tag.  I dream in designer...when I go to sleep I see orbs and curly Chanel C's, but sadly in reality my purse won't always allow such lavish purchases.  But vintage gives you hope...hope that designer is there, you just have to rummage around for it!

I've mentioned 'Scout Vintage' before in a post about LFW, but after visiting the store a bit more, and chatting to lovely Angela the store's owner, I decided to dedicate a whole post to the little vintage beauty!  My main reason for doing this? I absolutely love it!!!  And I'm sure you will too!!

Scout from the outside...

...come with me on a journey...

Scout sits snugly on Frederick Street, one of the prettier streets in Sunderland's City Centre.  Sunderland's not really famous for shopping opportunities, particularly as Newcastle and the Metrocentre are just a stone's throw away, but a few more boutiques along Frederick Street could really transform it into a vintage shopping haven.  I've always gone into Durham for my vintage shopping, so was so happy to find Scout! Why don't you come inside...

..there's so much to choose from... will you ever decide?
Plenty of accessories to add to the vintage feel...

How about a gorgeous new bag? Or a funky pair of shoes!

Vinyl frames the counter and the walls of to my ears!

Affordable and wearable...

What I really love about Scout is the variety of vintage on offer.  Other vintage shops I've visited have either been super modern with a vintage twist, or super vintage 1920s or 30s attire, with mammoth price tags.  Scout is neither of these things.  It's wearable, affordable vintage to suit all.  The first time I visited, I was really astonished at the amount of good quality Burberry items on offer.  As you know, I already own a Burberry trench, which I thought was a bargain at £100.  Well, at Scout you can pick one up for £49.95!!! Yes really!  So far, I've bought two Burberry tops for £9.95 each, and Mama L bagged herself a beautiful Burberry trench, fully lined and finished with pretty little frills around the cuffs.  Angela is not in the business to rob people of their precious hard-earned cash.  I told her a story about once spotting a Chanel bag in a vintage store (which will remain nameless!) that was priced at £80.  It turned out to be a fake.  When I asked the lady if she could provide any authenticity with the bag, she nearly ate me for breakfast..."My dear, if this was real Chanel you'd be paying £500 for it!  You'd pay £80 abroad for that easily."  That may be so, but passing fake Chanel off as real and then charging an arm and a leg for it just seems immoral.  Thankfully, Angela was just a shocked as I was.  She showed me a real Versace bag she has at Scout for a real snip at £30...and says as long as she's making a profit and making people happy that's good enough for her!  Hoorah!!

That gorgeous Versace bag!

Variety is the spice of life...

But yes, as I was saying, variety.  There are sparkly items for twinkly girls, designer items for fashionistas, American retro letter jackets, faux fur fancies and funky name it it's there.  But don't listen to me...go along and check it out for yourself!  There's a great selection of men's clothing too, so it's not just for the girls!

My most recent finds at Scout...Burberry...

...and this gorgeous tartan skirt...excuse the creases!!

I dream of Coco, but now its a reality...

After chatting at length about our vintage loves, I mentioned that something by Chanel would be my ultimate vintage find.  Well Scout's stock brought in a lovely vintage Chanel crocheted top, which Angela put aside for me, which of course I had to have (again a bargain at £24.95!), so now part of my Coco dream is a reality!!!  I can't even begin to explain how exciting it was bringing home such a beautiful and rare vintage find! The top had a lot of interest at the store's press event (which I couldn't attend as I was in Edinburgh-post to follow!!!) but Angela kindly tucked it away for me, and I'm so grateful that she did.  So help me say thank you even more my lovelies by visiting Scout...I guarantee you won't be disappointed.  And who knows, maybe there's a vintage dream come true waiting there for you!

Taking home my Chanel...

Happy Scouting,

K x

What is your ultimate vintage find? I'd love to hear all about it!


You can visit scout online here on Facebook or here on Twitter xxx



  1. Such a cute shop & these clothes look adorable! Lovely post :)

    x leah symonne x

  2. Thanks Leah :) your blog is so cute! Will give you a follow :)
    Thanks for your kind words :)

    K x


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