Thursday, 31 October 2013

Fashion INDURHAM...

On the 19th of October, I went with my Mister to a pretty amazing fashion event in Durham, as part of Durham's first ever fashion week.  The event was announced prior to the show but was to be held in a 'secret location' which I was incredibly excited about!  The tickets were just £7.50 a pop and included a drink, which I thought was really reasonable for a fashion event (or £25 for VIP, which to be honest didn't really give you any added bonuses!).  The day before the event you had to download the "Layar" app onto your smart phone, and scan your ticket to reveal the secret location, which turned out to be *enter drum-roll here*...the top floor of the Prince Bishop's car park...sigh.  For those of you that don't know Durham, the car-park is basically a regular, run of the mill, multi-storey, so I was a little bit underwhelmed.  Boy was I wrong though! But more of that in a moment...

As London Fashion Weekend didn't really go to plan for me and my VBF earlier this year, I really wanted to make the most of my outfit for this fashion event (whilst trying to factor in how cold the car-park would be!), as it was the first real runway show I had ever been to.  In the end I went for this...

I'd been looking for an opportunity to wear these floral trousers for ages, and this event seemed the perfect place!  My Mister opted for his Merc Harrington Jacket, Fred Perry jumper and Paul Smith jeans, doesn't he look the part? :).  My top was from the current River Island sale for £20, and my trousers are Topshop via Recycle Boutique, £3.99!  My shoes are Vivienne Westwood Melissa Mary-Janes; I've had them for years and they are so comfortable!

So once we were ready, we set off car-park bound, and what a pleasant surprise it was when we got there.  The floor had been made to look really cool and edgy, with low-coloured lighting and old skool R 'n' B and Hip-Hop coming from the DJ's decks.  There was a little pop up bar where you could have a drink, and a table full of mocktails, complimentary with your ticket.  We had about a half an hour wait before we were allowed into the runway area, but this made it all the more exciting.  I felt like Carrie Bradshaw before one of her fabulous invite-only parties!

Once in the runway area, we bagged a seat on the third row, so our view was pretty good of the show.  We even got a little goodie bag full of vouchers (and chocolate!) as part of our visit.  There was a massive blank canvas set up at the end of the runway, where a graffiti artist worked whilst everything was going on, and Ruff Diamond Crew, an amazing break crew opened and closed the show.  The show itself ran for an hour, with break-dancers also coming down the runway in between the fashions.  Most of the fashions were by up and coming local designers, but the highlights for me were Kate Gorman Design, because her jewellery was so unusual yet perfect for the runway, and Dimesso Designs, because the detailing was so intricate.  I also enjoyed the Woven Menswear section, as the tailoring was remarkable (and its also where I bought my Mister's Merc Jacket!).

Waiting for the show!

Ruff Diamond Crew

Live Graffiti Art

Kate Gorman Designs

Dimesso Designs

Paul Danan models Woven Menswear
You'll have to forgive me, as there was so much stuff coming down the runway I didn't catch the names of every designer, but I've tried to feature the ones that stood out! Also, the photos are courtesy of my Iphone, so the quality with the low lighting on some of them isn't amazing, but hopefully you get the idea :).

To finish off an amazing night, we popped to Chiquito's for a late dinner, and rounded everything off in true Carrie spirit, with a nice cocktail!

I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for other fashion events in the area, as the evening was such a change of scenery, and was so much fun, so hats off to Durham Bid for arranging such an exciting event!  It was fashiontastic!

What would you wear for a runway show?
Can you recommend any fashion events?




  1. Omgosh I love it to bits! Those Mary Janes are to die for! I am so in love with the way you styled those floral trousers x

    1. thank you sweetie :) we love a good floral trouser! Loved the way you styled yours too :) xxxx


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