Thursday, 24 October 2013

All Rise...

I've had a really busy time lately, but have been fortunate to do some really lovely things.  Combining that with work however has meant that my life has been an absolute whirlwind, so sadly my blogging has suffered! Fear not my lovelies, I'm planning to do a few blogs over the next few days to bring you up to speed with all my goings on, and hopefully we'll be back on track.'ve you been? :)

My busy time started last Thursday, with a trip to Newcastle with my VBF to see one of my favourite bands of all time, Blue.  Whilst they may not be the coolest choice of gig to go to, I have loved Blue since I was about fifteen, and could never understand why they went away in the first place.  Compared to other bands of the time, Blue always seemed to maintain a really fresh sound, and were unique in that they appealed to both a male and female crowd (my Mister even has their first album!).  So when they relaunched themselves with new album "Roulette" this year then announced a tour, I jumped at the chance to go along and relive my youth!

When we arrived at the Newcastle 02 Academy on Thursday evening, the queue was the longest I have ever seen, and wrapped all the way around the building, so my VBF and I made an executive decision to visit The Forth on Pink Lane for a drink before we went to the gig, confident we could still secure a place near the front using my gig going expertise (I don't want to give away my secrets...but I know where there's always a gap!).  If you've never visited The Forth, I'd really recommend it.  It's a really cosy quirky little pub, full of loads of interesting people, and I hear the food is absolutely delicious.  If, like me, you like somewhere relaxing for a drink where you won't be pushed around, a home from home type place, then the Forth is just that.  And it serves the most amazing strawberry beer in the world!

So after a strawberry beer and a chinwag, we decide to venture into the venue and take our place near the front and await the arrival of the boys! Loick Essien provided the support, a go to for all fans of Ne-Yo I would say, and he managed to get the crowd jumping ready for Blue!

And then it happened...the time was here...9:30pm the boys took to the stage, opening with stuff from the new album, and working their way through it, with all of the old hits thrown in for good measure.  Their vocals were amazing, their dancing was better than the first time around, and they looked trim and raring to go.  The crowd were spoiled with track after track, as the boys worked their way through an almost two hour set.  They spoke and interacted with the crowd loads, and were charming and funny, just how I remembered them all of those years ago! Highlights for me were "Broken", the saucy dancing to "Break it Down", the fun and bouncy "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" and Lee's beautiful vocals on "Breathe Easy".  For £18.50 a ticket, I couldn't have asked for a better evening! The boys seemed to be loving every minute of being on stage, and I hope this time that they are here to stay!

My VBF and I danced and sang along all night, and have had withdrawal symptoms ever since!!!  If Blue are visiting a town near you, I'd really recommend going to see them, they really do put on an amazing show! 

Who do you enjoy going to see live?
I'd love to hear all about it!

K xxxx 


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