Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Passion for London Fashion (Weekend)...

Ok, so here is my London Fashion Weekend  post as promised, and what an eventful day it was!  After finally choosing my mentioned in my last post, I was good to go...although annoyingly the button fell off my top before I'd even pulled away from Durham train station!!!  That aside, after a four hour train journey, my VBF and I pulled into London King's Cross Station, and it was like we'd never been away!!!

Before the fashion show, we managed to squeeze in a visit to Oxford Street, to tick off our hit list of places to go before Somerset House.  We started on Regent's Street, where we visited Liberty's, then we mapped it out to Conduit Street to visit the Vivienne Westwood store.  I hadn't visited this particular store before my trip, and I have to say I was really impressed with its layout and the amount of stock it had.  I am in love with the new 'Monster Print' and went there in search of a handbag (because as you know I love my handbags and my Yasmin could do with a new friend!!), but sadly the store didn't stock for the Christmas list I guess...

...after Vivienne Westwood, we hot-footed it to Selfridges, and hit the gorgeous Christmas shop, where I bought a gorgeous Gisela Graham crocheted penguin for my tree.  I agree, it is a little early for bauble shopping, but when in the North Pole, I guess you've got to do what the elves would do!!  My VBF bought a couple of baubles too, then we headed back down to the beauty hall so she could get her Charlotte Tilbury fix.  Miss Tilbury's new make-up range is amazing that the little counter was overrun with more happy shoppers than the poor staff could cope with, so if you are planning a visit, be prepared for a little bit of a wait when purchasing!  There's something about Selfridges beauty hall that I love...I didn't even buy anything, but I love the hustle and bustle of it all, and the variety of beauty products on offer is phenomenal! To be honest, I think I could quite happily move into Selfridges and stay there forever...what else could you ever want?!

Selfridges' Window-New Designers

Selfridges' Christmas Shop

By this point we had ticked off our checklist, leaving us with an hour to get to Somerset House for the show.  This is unfortunately where the madness started.  I don't want to bore you with the details, but after being sent halfway across London on the Tube, only to find out we had been sent in the complete wrong direction, then after heading back...desperately trying to flag a cab...we missed our fashion show :(.  With some savvy tube hopping, and a near death experience on a rickshaw...we pulled up at Somerset house at managed to catch only the last half hour of the event.  I have to say, that although we lost an hour running around like headless chickens and were a bit downbeat as a result, the rickshaw ride was quite possibly one of the most hilarious things I think I've ever done in my entire life, and it really brightened up our day.  Our guy was so much fun, and must've loved the fact that we had no change so let him leave us £20 lighter.  He did agree to collect us...but we didn't wait around for if he ever reads this blog, which I'm sure he never will, and he was waiting for us after the event, our sincerest apologies...but we hope you enjoyed spending your £10 tip hehe!  Although only briefly, I am pleased we finally got to the event; at least we managed a good rummage around Somerset House, a few photo opportunities, and bagged a free lipstick from the good people at Maybelline worth £7.19!! Bonus!!

Rickshaw Ride!!
We finally made it!!!
Free lippy-thanks Maybelline!

By this point we were tired and hungry, so we headed into Covent Garden towards the Chanel Beauty Boutique (which I absolutely loved!) to make our last few purchases (a gorgeous berry coloured "Coco Shine" lipstick called "Fiction" for both of us, and  "Tentation", a shocking pink nail varnish for me).  I loved the finishing touches at Chanel, and was really impressed with my "Chanel at Covent Garden" tag they added to my gift bag!

J'adore Chanel at Covent Garden!

Final stop was a meal at "Pasta Brown's" in Covent Garden (pasta for me and pizza for my VBF), followed by the most amazing New York Cheesecake for dessert.  Then it was back to King's Cross for the train...feet throbbing, purses empty and smiles on our faces!  Another adventure to London conquered...and fun memories that will never be replaced!

How was your weekend?
Did any of you visit London Fashion Week/Weekend?
I'd love to hear all about it if you did!



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    1. Thanks Katherine that's so kind of you! Thank you for the follows! I've checked out your blog it's great! Love your Kate Moss look!

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