Sunday, 18 August 2013

I Blame Coco...

I'm 27 years old and I'm an addict.  Yes that's right, it's serious...I'm self-employed, we're living in a recession and I am addicted to handbags.  And not just any old handbags...designer handbags *gulp* HELP!!!

It all started with a very influential lady.  She is the queen of quirky, wacky and wonderful; my spiritual mother, Dame Vivienne Westwood.  I love Vivienne, and knew from being a 21 year-old student, when I floated into her Newcastle store for the first time on a cloud of Boudoir perfume, that it would be an ill-fated love affair for my finances (that day I bought a deer print Yasmin neckerchief...I now own so many I could make a patchwork quilt!!).  I'm even in love with the pink gift bags!!!  So whilst saving for my first VW handbag but then having to pay solicitors fees for my house, my Dad stepped in and bought me my first Yasmin bag in an online sale.  I still remember the day it arrived wrapped in pink and orb-branded tissue paper and engulfed in the trademark dust bag...I nearly kissed the postman.  More about Vivienne later, but it's safe to safe that the addiction started there...But now its gotten worse.  I'm eyeing up the dream object...the Chanel 2.55.  That leather....that chain, the feel of luxury...heaven!  To my horror, it is half the price I paid for my car, yes really!  I mean let's face it, short of a lottery win it's probably never going to happen.  Even if I saved the money, it would probably be better spent renovating my bathroom.  But even though I hate my bathroom, with its horrible blue mosaic tiles that we haven't quite gotten round to changing since we moved in three years ago, it's shocking to think that I'd rather have the handbag!!

The Chanel Handbag...eek!
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How did Carrie Bradshaw manage to fund her enormous shoe addiction on the income from her newspaper column alone?  I guess I'll never know, but for us in the real world I guess we'll have to just keep on wishing. A wise woman once told me that if you dream, you've gotta dream could ever accuse me of not doing that!

Happy dreaming handbag lovers!

K x



  1. I love that dear Vivienne Westwood bag its very cute.I like the chanel bag too but I could never fit all my stuff in it I carry too much junk around .lol.because of the price of the channel bag I'd be too scared to use it or I'd end up with make up spilt in or something.

    1. Hi bluecar, I agree, it's certainly a bag for luxury, but I think that's the appeal for me :) it's like the ultimate handbag goal!! I think it would have to be a special occasion bag, like if I ever got invited to a Royal Wedding on the moon haha ;) for now I'll keep loving my Yasmin...and praying for that lottery win :D enjoy your handbags 😜x


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