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Entrenched in Burberry...

This is a story about love.  Not in the conventional sense, more in the material sense.  I think we would all agree that there is nothing better than being engulfed in the arms of a lover, but what about being entrenched? Or should I say entrenched? Yes, this is a beautiful love story between my Burberry Trench and I...

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It all started on a rainy day in January when, with the post-Christmas blues, I began trawling the net for new dreamy objects to add to my wardrobe wish-list.  Whilst reading my favourite blog "Fashion Pearls Of Wisdom", I came across a post dedicated entirely to the Burberry Trench.  If you've never read Pearl's blog before, it's amazing, particularly for those of you who love Dame Viv as much as I do!  Anyway, I have always dreamed of owning a Burberry Trench, but "Vogue" is my bible and I always believed that much like the Chanel bag of my dreams, owning Burberry would mean paying a hefty pricetag for the privilege (my first trench was from H 'n' M, so as you can probably guess spending upwards of £700 on a coat is not my usual code of practice).  However, I'd never even thought of trying to hunt down a vintage one until thanks to her, I found myself on a journey...a trench coat quest for the ultimate Burberry find.

So, it all started with Google.  Don't get me wrong I love Ebay as much as the next budget fashionista, but buying designer is so risky as there are so many counterfeits flying around.  So I couldn't believe my luck when I discovered "Poor Boy Vintage", a fashion and re-worked Vintage clothing site, who not only had trench coats...they had every size, shape, age and colour you could ever think of, and all authentic Burberry.  What I really like about Poorboy is they give you a potted history of all their brands and products and if there are any faults with the items, this is clearly mentioned and reflected in the price.  So there she was...light beige, size 10, nova check and hardly a fault in sight (a broken button that was hidden and a slightly scuffed belt buckle were the minor faults with mine).  I had to peek from between my fingers to look at the price; I was expecting a shock! 3 digits...pound sign...£100!!! Yippee!!  I've had food shopping bills more expensive than that!!  The price was a deal maker for me; a Burberry is a coat that will last me a life time, and the fact that there in front of my eyes was a vintage one in such good condition, only proved this further.  Thanks to Pearl's brilliant post, and a little bit of online research into the old Burberry's label, I was confident with my find, and after dancing round my house with excitement, I ordered the beauty right away!

True to word, two days later my coat arrived and it was love from the moment I tore off the cellophane (and I mean tore-I was so desperate to see it in all its glory!!)  Washed and pressed by the good people at "Poor Boy", it was as good as new! Here in my hands was a real mark of quality-and you could really feel it.  My trench is quite a large fit if I'm honest, but no matter, once it's on and the belt is pulled in it looks (and feels!) great-plus there's plenty of room for a jumper come the winter months because let's face it, Durham is no Barbados.  I'm looking forward to autumn now to step out in style! I even managed to hunt down a vintage Burberry scarf at Middlesbrough Vintage Fair, so I can strut around in the full ensemble.

My Burberry baby!

As it's vintage, it has the old Burberry label

So there you have it, a love story that will last a lifetime, me and my trench.  Proof that affordable vintage designer really is out there if you are willing to search for it.  If you are buying second hand, I'd really recommend doing some research before you make that purchase no matter what your dream find may be; don't let the fraudsters rob you of your hard earned cash. With a little research and perseverance, dreams really can come true :).

K x

Kind regards to Pearl Westwood for allowing me to reference her blog in my post!  If you're interested in learning more about the Burberry trench, check out Pearl's "The Burberry Trench: a history and rather a good buy".  I'd also highly recommend  Poor Boy Vintage Clothing for all of your vintage fashion needs xx

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