Tuesday, 7 November 2017

House of Harrie Hattie: Pet Couture...

Hello lovelies!

Today's post is just a short one, I hope that you're all well!

Those of you that follow my Instagram may have come across the cutest thing ever...

...this is my Jay-Jay modelling his new tweed bow, and it's all thanks to my wonderful friend Kerry from House of Harrie Hattie, that he's wearing it!  Kerry has been creating the most amazing headscarves, bows, headpieces and earrings for as long as I can remember (you may even remember seeing some of her pieces on my blog here and us helping her with promotion in London here) and now she's branched out into pet couture!  These beautiful little bows are perfect for all pets and simply velcro clip over the collar with ease.  Jay-Jay knew he was wearing couture; he couldn't wait to pose for the camera!  The quality in every House of Harrie Hattie piece is superb and these little Harris Tweed bows are no exception; your pet will look super stylish!  Kerry loves animals, so be safe in the knowledge that every piece has been created with love and affection with your pets in mind!

Each bow is delivered with a special little note from House of Harrie Hattie HQ, and packaged beautifully; the logo features some very special pets including Marley, (who is super handsome!!)  Kerry's poodle sidekick!

So, thinking of buying something special for your four-legged friends this Christmas?  Then I'd definitely recommend some House of Harrie Hattie Pet Couture to make them part of the fashion elite, they'll love you for it!

House of Harrie Hattie Pet Couture can be bought online here with prices starting at £4

Until next time,

Kay xx

Jay-Jay's bow was a gift from Kerry, but all reviews and opinions are my own; the couture is wonderful-I'm already eyeing up my next purchase!

Friday, 3 November 2017

Burberry: Afternoon tea at Thomas's...

Hello lovelies!

Whenever I visit London, I always try to make time to visit Burberry's Flagship store on Regent Street (the last time I visited, you may remember that I left with a very special addition here) but my latest visit was quite a special one, as I finally got to go and try afternoon tea at Thomas's!

Thomas's is situated on the first floor of the flagship store and has a quintessentially British menu covering breakfast through to evening dining.  Afternoon tea is available throughout the day (you don't need to prebook it like you do for many other afternoon teas) as well as a selection of coffees, teas and scrumptious cakes, if you simply want to pop in to escape the hustle and bustle.  The cafĂ© is a little bit of a hidden gem; although I pre-booked our table, there were plenty available so walk-ins, at least on a weekday, look like they'd quite easily be accommodated.  We were seated upstairs; it's much lighter and airier, perfect for taking photographs to show you our afternoon tea in all its glory!!

Our lovely little corner table next to a window 

Afternoon tea at Thomas's is £32 per person, but there is an option to share a one person portion between two people, if maybe you wanted a mid afternoon snack.  Natalie and I were having ours as our lunch so we decided to have a portion each.  The price in comparison to most afternoon teas in London is sensational value for money, particularly when you consider the amount of food that comes with it!  But I'll come back to that; first let's start with the tea...

On the menu, the recommended tea to accompany an afternoon's indulging of cakes and sandwiches is the 2014 2nd Flush Grand Reserve, Darjeeling, so I trusted Burberry's judgement (I mean who wouldn't?!) and went with that, but there's an option to exchange it for a different tea, coffee or juice. My Darjeeling came in a little transparent teapot, with a tea-timer (recommended brewing time was around five minutes).  The shortbread that came with it was also pretty amazing!  I'd describe the Darjeeling as a more refreshing version of an English Breakfast tea; definitely a great choice to accompany the food.  Natalie doesn't drink tea, so had a non-alcoholic Raspberry Fizz.  Both the juice and tea were refillable-the way afternoon tea should be!

First to arrive was the cake stand, complete with sandwiches and gorgeous, dainty little cakes.  The sandwiches were smoked salmon, cucumber and cream-cheese, roast-beef and horseradish and egg-mayonnaise (I'll come to the cakes a little later!).

Each sandwich tasted delicious and super fresh, perfect food for our previously empty stomachs!  As well as sandwiches and cakes, there was a choice of something from the Aga (scones with clotted cream and jam, hot buttered crumpets or a toasted teacake).  I chose scones and Natalie chose crumpets, so we could share.

I've never had a crumpet as part of an afternoon tea before, but it's definitely a welcome addition!  We had one each and they were sensational.  Served in a heatproof dish, they were still piping hot and scrumptious when they arrived at our table; sheer perfection.

The scones were pretty amazing too (in fact they were up there with the best I've ever had!).  Natalie had the plain and I had the fruit and both were served with the option of Strawberry or Gooseberry and Elderflower jam with clotted cream.  My fruit scone was a taste-sensation; but I was glad I had Natalie to share with as I don't think I could have eaten two!


The cake layer (pardon the wonky arrangement!)

The cake layer was filled with delicious but mini tasty bites, the best way to ensure there's room for a bit of everything! The cakes on offer were lemon (complete with lemon curd), blackberry tart, walnut whip, pink marshmallow, a Victoria sponge and a fondant fancy.  The lemon was my favourite (and thankfully we had one each of these!)  but the walnut whip was a close second.  We halved the walnut whip, marshmallow and fondant fancy so we could try a little of everything.  I wasn't keen on the berry tart, but this was purely down to preference; I couldn't fault any of the others-they were amazing!

After clearing our plates (and the cake stand!), I was given the option of taking my jam home with me, a lovely little finishing touch.  The Thomas's branded jam was a perfect souvenir of a wonderful afternoon eating delicious food with one of my favourite people!  I love how cutely they were boxed, and it's been lovely to enjoy a little piece of Thomas's at home!

After paying our bill, we wandered into the store to have a look around.  I love the Regent Street flagship as there's always something interesting going on or something new to look at.  This time, the full AW'17 collection was on display, so I spent my time building up a wishlist filled with military jackets and nova check!

I couldn't leave empty-handed, so along with my jam, I made sure to repurchase my favourite lipstick; Burberry Kisses English Rose (No 17) and strutted out with two little brown bags-so much love for Burberry!

English Rose

Thank you Burberry for always making us feel so welcome-and making us want to come back again and again.  The customer service at Burberry is outstanding; thank you for giving us such wonderful memories!  Such a wonderful brand and a super flagship store!

...and Bertie had a wonderful time visiting all of his friends too!!

This is not a sponsored post; we visited 121 Regent Street and purchased our own afternoon tea from Thomas's.  All opinions in this review are my own; I absolutely adore Burberry and have only good things to say about the staff and the brand-simply perfect!

You can book a table at Thomas's here 

Until next time,

Kay xxx

Sunday, 29 October 2017

5 reasons why my Mama will always be one of my style icons...

Hello lovelies!

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about the way I style myself.  In 2017, fashion inspiration is everywhere; I mean I only have to glance at Instagram and there's at least fifty million (slight exaggeration!) products that I'm attracted to every single day.  But I've always had this thing with clothes ever since I was a little girl-so although I got it wrong most of the time as a teenager (there's LOTS of photographic evidence to prove this!), my eye for style has always been around.  I think it all came from my glamorous Mammy, and here's why...

1 She's 71 and refuses to be a blue-rinser, and there's no beige in sight...
'Blue-rinser' definition: member of the blue rinse brigade, old before their time, granny like in appearance.  I have no problem with grannies, they're endearing and lovely and have lived full and interesting lives.  My Mam, however, has no desire to be a stereotypical grandma, and I LOVE her for that.  She still shops on the high-street (Roman being her favourite shop!), she has the wackiest coloured Sketchers as opposed to more conservative 'comfortable' shoes, and when we go out, whether it's shopping or for an evening meal, she always looks amazing.  The key to a youthful existence right there, defy old age!

2 She's not afraid to be a little bit crazy...

She loves a good dress up, she'll do anything to make you giggle and if you put anything Christmassy in front of her or near her, she'll adorn it!  I blame my Mam (in the nicest possible way!) for my desire to always put a tea-cosy on my head, and to hang Christmas baubles from my ears!  Madness and laughter are something that's always been around me and I have my Mam to thank for my fun streak; which always filters into what I wear.  Dare to be brave, like my Mam always is; life (and style) is more fun that way!

 She's a (Christmas) cracker!

3 She's always admired glamorous and stylish women, and encouraged me to too!

When I was growing up, I remember my Mam always saying how much she loved Sophia Loren because she was ageing gracefully and always looked immaculate.  I don't know how I grew to love Audrey Hepburn so much, but I think it probably came from my Mam's influence.  She's always taught me that's it's okay to be an English Rose, and that it's okay to be different and I think my style icons reflect this.  So whether it's Sophia or Audrey, find an icon that's a bit more outside of the box.  They don't always have to be the same shape or colouring as you (unless you're intending on copying them garment for garment) but if you can relate to them, then go with it!  I like Audrey because she wasn't afraid to be different, but in body shape terms, we couldn't be more different!!

Sophia Loren-1959 (taken from Wikipedia By Paul A. Hesse Studios - eBay, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=27356627)

Audrey (taken from here) Copyright of The Kobal Collection

4 She's always followed fashion, but dressed to suit her style rather than dressing to suit a trend...

In the late 60s/ early 70s with my brother Chris

When I look back at old photos of my Mam, I always see style.  She loves fashion and always did and always wanted a little girl to share this love with (I've got two older brothers), so I've got her to thank for my love of all things shopping, clothes and style.  She always says to me 'always be a shepherd not a sheep'; and it's something I'll always carry with me.  We live on this Earth a painfully short amount of time, so make sure you always wear what you want and don't let anyone else tell you that's wrong-that's the real key to good dressing!

5 I'm interested in fashion exhibitions and fashion history, and she's embraced that too-now we're both learning from the greats...

My Mam will think nothing of hopping on a train to London with me to check out the latest exhibition or jumping in the car to visit The Bowes Museum or anywhere else showing fashion nearer home.  My love of high-end fashion and fashion history really started to develop in my twenties and my Mam loves to come along for the ride.  She says she would never have ever visited exhibitions without me and I feel like that's the gift I've given back to her for an education in style.  Now we get to learn together and discuss our favourite outfits and pieces, and compare exhibitions along the way, and I couldn't think of anyone better to do it with; she's amazing!

 Vogue 100 adventure!


Thank you Mam for being the best friend I could ask for and for coming on a fashion journey with me!  And for always being stylish...without you I might never have written a fashion blog!

Thanks for reading,

Until next time,

Kay xx

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Fashion Spooktacular @intu Eldon Square, Newcastle...

Hello lovelies!

Autumn is fast approaching, and if you don't feel like you're on top of your autumn/winter wardrobe just yet, then have I got the event for you.  Running all this week is intu Eldon Square's Fashion Spooktacular, an opportunity for you to meet up with personal stylist Emma who will be giving style advice on things such as helping you choose the perfect seasonal winter coat to creating an amazing capsule wardrobe, analysing trends and your top ten winter seasonal must haves!  Also for those Hallowe'en lovers out there, there'll be classy costume ideas and creepy crawly homeware to create that perfect Hallowe'en party setting!  You can find the pop up Hallowe'en Spooktacular just outside of New Look  @intu Eldon Square, Newcastle where Emma will be on hand to deliver the following workshops (for more details you can also check here):

25th, 27th, 29th October:

1130am: Creepy Crawly Homeware
-perfect party attire for your home (only the chicest homeware will do!)

130pm: How to pick a wicked winter coat
-looking at body shapes and trends, Emma will give you tips to find the perfect coat to suit your shape and style and be the envy of everyone!

330pm: Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Wizardry
-put some important staple pieces together made up from this seasons key trends that will help you make your capsule wardrobe fabulous and Instagram ready!

Miss K looking fabulous in a fedora 

24th, 26th, 28th October:

1130am: How to pick a wicked winter coat (see above)

130pm: Top ten A/W must haves 
-wear everywhere dresses, slogan tees and slouch boots are just some of the trends that have filtered down from Fashion month, learn more about this season's trends and how to work them into your wardrobe!

330pm: Scarily good Hallowe'en Costume Ideas
-not a bin bag or zombie school girl in sight, learn how to accessorise your autumn pieces to make them feel Hallowe'en chic

 I could wear these everyday!
 Saint Laurent style dress from Topshop, paired with a mask make a great alternative Hallowe'en look!

Skeleton-effect chic from New Look

If you're nearby be sure to visit-it's everything you'll need for that perfect autumn/winter wardrobe!

I was kindly invited along to preview the Spooktacular last night, and it was so much fun!  I'm not a massive Hallowe'en enthusiast, but I loved the way that Emma styled out some autumn/winter looks with some cute accessories to make them perfect for both Hallowe'en and Christmas parties.  I also enjoyed learning about all of the different up and coming workshops too and came away with some great style tips (and a shopping list as long as my arm!).

 This River Island jacket could be dressed up or down...
and there were more daring Hallowe'en looks from Ann Summers!

After exploring the capsule wardrobe and being treated to some yummy food from Tapas Revolution, we were each sent to a different store in Eldon Square to be set a Hallowe'en themed challenge.  My store was Lush and the lovely Miss K and I were tasked with making Sunnyside Bubble Bars!  Almost like baking cakes, there are lots of lovely ingredients that go into a Sunnyside, but I think we'll all agree that glitter is the most exciting!  After covering ourselves, the staff and half the store in glitter, we left with three bars each-they were so much fun to make and I can't wait to use one at home!

As well as this lovely treat, we were also introduced to lots of new Lush products on offer for the Hallowe'en and Christmas period.  One of the most exciting things for Lush and their ethical image is that they are now creating Naked shower gels, shampoos and body conditioners to dramatically reduce plastic waste caused from plastic bottles.  I think the naked products are amazing and even better than the liquid versions (I'm a notorious over-squeezer so waste loads of shower gel!); I'll certainly get my money's worth out of them-they last forever!

 Snow fairy naked shower gel...
...and many more to choose from!

We covered so much ground at Lush, that I'm going to write a separate post about their latest products and what they have available for the festive season, but I'll share my favourite now as a taster...

All we want for Christmas is our two front teeth!

After wrapping things up at the Spooktacular, we were sent to the Alchemist to try out some of their cocktails.  The nature of alchemy and cocktail mixology, makes the Alchemist the BEST place for spooky Hallowe'en cocktails.  We tried out Mad Hatter's Tea Party, Zombie Apocalypse and my personal favourite, Russian Spring punch.  Dry ice, bubble bubble toil and trouble; you can't help but feel like you're drinking some bewitching elixir!  I was overwhelmed by the presentation of each in turn-a real drinking experience to end an amazing night!

 Mad hatter's tea party
 Zombie apocalypse 
 Russian Spring Punch...just add prosecco!

I had a wonderful night at the Fashion Spooktacular; thanks so much to the staff at intu Eldon Square, Lush and The Alchemist for being so welcoming and accommodating.  Thanks also for our wonderful goodie bag and beautiful flowers from Katherine's florists.

Remember that you can visit intu Eldon Square's Spooktacular until October 29th, so what are you waiting for?! 

Until next time,

Kay xx

All images are my own (apart from the last one!).  I was invited by intuEldon Square to take part in this event but all options are my own; it was an amazing evening!

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