Monday, 10 December 2018

VIP Shopping @Bridgesshop Sunderland

VIP Shopping @Bridgesshop Sunderland: Event

A shopping spectacular in association with The Bridges and Sunderland Bid!

Hello lovely readers!

Christmas jumper season!

Apologies once again for my hiatus; blogging around two jobs is hard work sometimes!  I'm still here though, how are you? This is an event post as on Thursday evening, I was kindly invited to The Bridges, Sunderland to take part in their Christmas shopping event.  It was a lovely evening, filled with amazing discounts, great goodies and few cheeky little purchases for the build-up to Christmas.  So here's what I got up to!

VIP Shopping @bridgesshop, what's it all about?

Soooo, for those of you that don't know, The Bridges is a lovely little shopping centre in the heart of Sunderland's City Centre in the North East of England.  It may be small, but it boasts all of your favourite high-street shops and during the festive period, it becomes a Christmas cornucopia!!  Not only that, but Thursday evenings are for late night shopping; the perfect time to browse or in this case, finish off that Christmas shopping!  The VIP shopping evening saw discounts galore!  In partnership with Sunderland BID,  some of the luckiest people in Sunderland (and us bloggers!) got to pick up a wristband and shop at discounted rates throughout the shopping centre-I couldn't wait to get my shopping on!  Our evening started at Hotel Chocolat (who were offering 15% off during the event), where we met with the Bridges team, picked up our goodie bags and were treated to the tastiest hot chocolates from the HC Café!

I forgot to photograph the hot chocolate! Oops!

So...which shops were taking part in VIP Shopping @Bridgesshop Sunderland?

Well, it might be easier to ask who wasn't taking part!!  The discounts featured in twenty shops and varied from place to place.  They were the following:

  • Debenhams 15% on health and beauty and access to VIP beauty night
  • Body Shop a 250ml Shower Gel or Body Lotion when you spend £15 or more
  • Calendar Club 10% off
  • Collectables 20% off
  • Disney 20% off
  • Ernest Jones 30% off diamonds.  30% off full price jewellery and watches, 10% off reduced stock
  • Esquires 20% drinks
  • Flying Tiger 10% off
  • Footasylum 20% off
  • Hotel Chocolat 15% off
  • Kamrans Barbers 10% off
  • New Look 25% off full price
  • Supercuts 10% off
  • Superdry 10% off
  • Swarovski 10% off
  • The Works 10% off
  • The Perfume Shop 20% off gift sets
  • Thornton's 10% off
  • TOPSHOP/Topman 20% off
As I've already done most of my Christmas shopping, there weren't really many places I wanted to go to, but I do think the discounts were a great incentive to get people into the city centre to shop.  Still, I managed to take advantage of a couple, I mean it's Christmas after all!!

Tell us what you bought....

Trying to stick to things I needed rather than having a mad spend, I hotfooted it to Debenhams VIP beauty night.  Those that weren't lucky enough to have VIP wrist bands could take part in Debenhams discounts by paying £5 to access the evening for prosecco and goodies galore.  The evening is always a huge success and was absolutely heaving with people treating their loved ones to luxury beauty.  I'll forever be a Dior makeup lover, so I replaced my beloved DIORSHOW Blackout mascara for a new waterproof one (to stop the smudges!!), bagging 15% off!

I also couldn't help but photograph this super-cute Gucci snow globe !  I'm sure every girl would love some Gucci under their tree this Christmas!

Debenhams was super, super busy, so my next stop was Hotel Chocolat where I picked up a few little last minute stocking fillers.  I LOVE Hotel Chocolat; they may be pricey but I think everything about their products from presentation to taste absolutely screams luxury!  If I'd have stayed any longer, I'd have bought the whole shop!!  I also became a Hotel Chocolat VIP, meaning I'll get 15% off my next purchase and gifts throughout the year!

The new Velvetiser 

Did anything else catch your eye?

Well, although I never really shop in Primark, I always love a browse of their Christmas jumpers!  I know they weren't on the discounts list, but Primark is always cheap as chips!  

What was in the gorgeous goodie bag?

Oooh, I thought you'd never ask!  Well aside from these delicious Hotel Chocolat goodies, we received goodies from milk_shake, who treated us to a full size mint hydrating spray and No Inhibition Bath Salts.  Face Forward, a new Sunderland-based aesthetic beauty clinic, offered us 50% off our first treatment-a perfect Christmas gift for those who love aesthetic treatments.  Sunderland Bid offered us two ice-skating passes, which I'm very excited about!! Lush gave us a free Bubble Bar and we had lots of free samples from Debenhams too!  A great little goodies bag all round!  We were also invited to Hadrian's Tipi during the evening for a glass of mulled wine; but as I was flying solo I didn't get chance to go (I'm definitely going to visit before Christmas!!).

A great night all round, thanks Sorted PR, Sunderland Bid and the Bridges for making me feel so festive!

Until next time,

Kay xx

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Spotting "Freedom", Roberto Cavalli's NEW Luxury Yacht

Hello lovelies!

Long time no speak! I'm feeling super-inspired to write once again and I'm back with a bit of a throwback post today, all about my quest to find Roberto Cavalli's yacht.  This is the story of finding 'Freedom'.  Enjoy!

My obsession with Roberto Cavalli's yacht...

Okay, so I've never really been that interested in boats.  Like cars, I like them, I can tell a great one from a not so great one and I'm aware that the amazing ones are only owned by the super, super rich, but I've seen so many now on my visits to the South of France that I almost feel like they're part of the scenery.  To me, Cannes would be a strange place if the yachts weren't there; it'd be like someone telling me that they'd knocked down the Carlton (I mean not that I've stayed there, but you know, it makes Cannes, well...Cannes!).  But my obsession with Cavalli's boat started long before I'd ever even visited Cannes, or seen a super yacht for that matter.  Yes, this is the story of a girl from the North East of England becoming a boat obsessive.  And it all started with Vogue...

Vogue you say?  What has that got to do with Roberto Cavalli's boat?

Back in 2013, I read an article in Vogue magazine all about fashion features director Sarah Harris becoming a Cavalli girl for a week.  The story was all about her having to step out of her comfort zone and her minimalistic wardrobe, to take on the glamour and flamboyance that is the Cavalli world.  Staying with the family on 'RC' the Cavalli yacht, I poured over the pages to find out all about her Cavalli red-carpet adventure.  The words stayed with me, as I imagined the Cavalli world as she described it, and more importantly, the grandeur of that boat.  You see, RC isn't just any old boat; it's iridescent and changes colour depending on the heat of the sun, transforming it from pink to gold and  a variety of shades in between.  It's interiors are typical of Cavalli; leopard print, a serpent-themed spiral staircase, Cavalli-branded everything.  I wanted to see it with my own eyes and hoped that one day I would.

RC-Roberto Cavalli's beautiful yacht (Image credit here)

Fast-forward to 2015 and my first trip to Cannes...

So, by 2015 I'd sort of forgotten about RC and my quest to spot the yacht (well I wasn't likely to see it in the North Sea was I?!).  Until my Mister and I booked our first holiday to Cannes and I saw the yachts docked in Cannes, Antibes, Saint-Tropez and Monaco.  I excitedly searched every port for the pink boat, seeing many almosts or it could bes, but never the real deal.  By our fourth visit to Cannes this year (by this point our favourite holiday destination),  I'd almost given up looking.  I'd heard of Cavalli visiting Cannes at the time of the Film Festival in May, but I'd resigned myself to the fact that the likelihood of me catching a glimpse of fashion royalty at the back-end of August was pretty slim. Maybe these days he preferred to dock in the Italian Riviera.  Little did I know that in 2018, things were about to change...

Spotting "Freedom", Roberto Cavalli's NEW Luxury Yacht...

My Mister and I, Cannes 2018

So it's 2018 and I'm deep into another amazing holiday in Cannes and the South of France.  We've had amazing food, climbed the beautiful mountain up to Èze town, relaxed on beautiful beaches and have even started to catch a tan!  On this day in question after a lovely morning on the beach, we decided to head back to the hotel for a change of clothes, and a visit to the most amazing ice-cream parlour near Cannes-La Bocca.  I'm eyeing up a boat that is docked not far from Cannes old town.  It's black and sophisticated, but from a distance seems to have the most garish interior.  I think nothing of it and go about my business until my Mister utters the following words..." do realise that's Cavalli's boat?".  I'm sorry babe, I thought you just said you'd seen Cavalli's boat...WTF??!!!  Sure enough, the black boat with the flamboyant interior is none other than Cavalli's!!!!  And I don't have my phone with me!  Or a camera!!!

Please tell me you got a photo girl???!!!  It's THE boat!

Queue a frantic dash back to the hotel, for that clothes change and more importantly a phone.  What if it had floated away on the Med before I got back?!  I couldn't bear it!  Rushing back to the dock, my heart raced!  Had I just seen the boat I'd been chasing for 5 years?!

YES I HAD!!!!  Up close it was amazing too!  Leopard print is garish, but somehow in the world of Cavalli interior design, it just works.  As you can see from the shots above, Cavalli was in fact on the boat (EEEK FASHION ROYALTY!)  and as I subtly tried to take a photo without bothering him, my Mister was less subtle and just went for it (after all, everyone else was, right?!)

So, you might be thinking at this point that I'm a bit of a loser and I suppose I am!  But to me, seeing a piece of the Cavalli world up close is the perfect fangirl moment, he's one of the fashion legends!  A complete innovator, the world of fashion could've been completely different without him.  Sorry Mr Cavalli for being a bit snap happy but if you ever read this, I just want you to know that by docking in Cannes you made my world for that one day!  So thanks!

It turns out that 'RC' is long gone and 'Freedom' is Roberto Cavalli's new luxury yacht.  It was about to be debuted at the Cannes-Monaco yacht festival, so we even got to see it before it's official unveiling!!!  So that's why I couldn't spot the yacht; I'd been looking for the wrong bloody boat!!  'Freedom' however, was definitely worth the wait!

Dream big guys...

So my closing message is this; remember to dream big because good things come to those who wait!  5 years in the making, I finally got to spot 'Freedom' and it's a memory that my Mister and I will share forever!  Sometimes when you stop looking for things, they appear right under your nose!!

And yes...our ice-creams were EPIC!

Until next time lovelies,




Wednesday, 17 October 2018

All new Burberry Her...

Burberry Her...

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner, that I love London town-Cara Delevigne for Burberry

A present from me to me, I couldn't resist buying the new Burberry Her fragrance, just a couple of days after it landed.  I had high hopes; my favourite fragrance is My Burberry, I love all of the My Burberry range and with Ricardo Tisci making amazing changes at the house, I had a feeling this new scent would be something special and I'm pleased to say it didn't let me down!!

The all new Burberry Her ad campaign...

Image from Harper's Bazaar (here)

I opened my Instagram (Follow me!) on the day of the launch to hear Cara Delevigne singing to me from my Insta story feed, so I instantly knew that the new scent would be a success!! The little ditty was advertising gold and stayed with me all day; it was heavily planted in my consciousness, I needed to smell it!  Cara talks about her love of London and travels around showing off the stunning London sights from an open-topped bus (watch the campaign here).  It's a match made in fashion heaven!

A Sunday shopping trip and a little purchase...

So it was a Sunday shopping trip to Fenwick, Newcastle that sealed the deal.  I got to smell the fragrance which is quite light, fruity and floral (and stays with you all day, no need to respray!)  

The first fragrance to feature the new Burberry logo, the bottle is sleek and cool and would look amazing on any dressing table.  And the scent is just beautiful! Described by Burberry as 'A burst of red and dark berry notes lightened by a white woody accord' and the bottle design inspired by an archival Burberry fragrance design, Burberry Her really is something special.

Lucky for me, as I bought on it's first weekend of release, I also got this amazing Burberry cosmetic bag and some mini-fragrances absolutely free!  Regular readers will know I love all things Burberry, so I was so excited about this! Thank you Fenwick!

Kudos to Burberry, they just keep getting it right all of the time!  If you like a light and floral, sweet scent, that isn't too heady, Burberry Her is definitely worth a try! I'd love to know what you think!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

Kay xxx

Shop Burberry Her here 

(Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post-I bought the fragrance myself and absolutely love it! All opinions are my own)

Monday, 8 October 2018

Punk up your Pizza at Pizza Punks!

It's time to join the pizza revolution!

What's it all about?

Pizza Punks is a pizza revolution!  Newly opened on Grey Street, Newcastle, it's a place to order amazing and delicious pizza, made to order with as many toppings as you'd like but at a flat rate, there are no pizza-topping penalties at Pizza Punks; go with an appetite and get ready to punk up your pizza.

My Pizza Punks experience...

I visited Pizza Punks on a mid-Sunday afternoon, with a huge appetite after a long morning's run (my favourite time to eat pizza!).  After previewing the menu online, I was really excited to punk up my pizza!  The menu works in two ways; you can either order a standard pizza with toppings already chosen, or you can create your own from a gargantuan list of toppings (known as punking up your pizza!).  My Mister and I both decided to punk it up and the great thing about it, is that you can choose as many toppings as you want, but the pizza will always be £10 (remember no pizza-topped penalties here!).  I'll tell you a bit about each pizza in turn, but first I want to talk about drinks.  Pizza Punks has an amazing drinks menu covering cocktails to gins, and there's a healthy selection of soft drinks too.  You can check out the extensive drinks menu here.  As it was a Sunday afternoon and my Mister was driving, we decided to keep it soft with a Ginger beer for him and an amazing Cherry Pop Soda for me (they were so tasty I had two!).

 Cherry Pop Soda-handcrafted in store

As it was a punk theme, I took Sid, my Burberry bear bag charm, along for the ride!

Okay, back to the pizzas...

Okay, to the important part (I should probably also mention that every pizza is fresh and gets stone-baked in a pizza oven, for that quality artisan pizza taste).  For my pizza, I chose a Sourdough base with a San Marzano tomato, basil and garlic sauce and mozzarella cheese.  Then for the toppings I chose Fajita chicken, red onion, olives, mushrooms, sweetcorn, red peppers and finished off with a sprinkling of chilli flakes.  My Mister chose the same base, sauce and cheese, but he had ham, Tuscan sausage, beef meatballs, red onion, sweetcorn, pineapple and finished with oregano and chilli.  We also got a chilli cheese garlic bread to share.

The pizzas were absolutely delicious, as was the garlic bread.  The sourdough base was cooked to perfection and I loved how the toppings were shredded and spread evenly, so there was an amazing, even taste with every bite.  The garlic bread was probably the nicest I've ever tasted-although you get so much pizza that I think the ordering of sides is more practical for those that are sharing a pizza or for larger parties as we struggled to finish ours (it was super tasty though!).  However, we did manage to polish off our pizzas (must've been all the running we did beforehand!!).

The coolest interior...

As well as the amazing food, I loved the whole Pizza Punks set up.  Think graffiti walls and neon lighting, Pizza Punks is cool, fresh and modern and also offers the best soundtrack to your meal, playing bands such as Editors and the Killers as well as throwing in the odd eighties banger.  I love any place that plays a good indie anthem, so I was really happy with that!

I also think a great place to eat is highlighted by the coolness and cleanliness of its restrooms, and I LOVED them!  

I felt like like a movie star when I stood at the amazing light-up mirrors and I loved the punked-up images of stars from the past hung on the toilet doors.  

So the verdict...

Pizza Punks ticked all of the boxes for me and my Mister.  The food was delicious, with a wide range of toppings to suit both of our tastes, the interior was amazing, there was a chilled out atmosphere, great music and the staff were super helpful and friendly.  You get a lot of food for a reasonable price and I'd definitely like to go back to try out the cocktail menu and a few more of their delicious sides.


Thanks for reading,

Kay xx

I was kindly invited along to review Pizza Punks so our meal was complimentary but all views and opinions are my own-I loved it! Thanks so much to the staff for having us and looking after us so well!
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